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TwitCasting is another live streaming app to check out - both iOS and Android now - that's optimized for entertainers/musicians/bands to engage with and build their audiences. Comments are scrolled below the live window so they don't obscure the audience's view, and can be easily read. Even the members of large audiences feel engaged. The live stream and comments can be saved or not, up to the broadcaster.
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Great article, Matt! One item I'd suggest adding as part of building that YouTube community is engaging with that community and your fans/followers on a regular basis. Part of that is through Facebook and Twitter postings and responses, another part is engaging with those people via live streaming and chat. There's a number of sites where you can do this, most of them are free, including TwitCasting [full disclosure: I'm a TwitCasting evangelist :-)], Twitcam and YouNow. It's a great way to build your brand, promote your latest releases, upcoming appearances, etc.
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Dec 23, 2014