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Like so many others, Sean Zevran is another damaged face in the crowd. This whole "in your face" persona and need to be liked, makes him unbearable as a person. A lot of guys like him have so much growing up to do. And I hope they figure it out sooner than later.
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I'm definitely voting for the bottom who wasn't an option, Allen King! That scene with Brent Everett was one of the best scenes I've seen this year. He definitely handled Brent's dick like a pro!
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Wow, I am absolutely stunned to hear about what happened. I know he was exclusive to CK before he stepped away. He was kind of like a little brother to them, so I understand how much that hurts to lose him. He had a long life ahead of him and to have it taken away so condolences to his family.
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Jun 24, 2017