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Interests: comics, movies, burritos, books, tv, pseudo-science
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What fun! I agree with your assessment, especially in regard to Morgan. Used to be, I could barely stand him... now he's like my own lil' buddy. And, yeah, his knowledge of Chuck's skin conditions and comics love and all that help save the day in a way that's in-character and fun. Speaking of fun, and this was mentioned in another review I read, but Sarah was actually enjoying life. Made the whole show more fun. Fun. Chuck. Yay!
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Re: Keaton's Batmobile: "... it was like one long phallic symbol of justice and parental revenge!" This makes me laugh, but... how is that car phallic? What am I not seeing? Hilarity throughout, though, sir. I love this zany kinda writing.
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2010 on Top 10 Wheeled Vehicles of the 80s at MamaPop™
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I really liked this episode, too, and it did tie pretty much everything up, didn't it? Not as epic as the Season Two ender, but, well, they have less budget, and, I suppose, this was more internally epic? If that makes any sense? "Big Mike? He's grown into the Beckman of the Buy More, really." LOL. I hadn't thought of it like that! Well said. Really excited to see what's in store for Team Bartwoski next!
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Ah, yeah, that was a ... magical moment, eh, Adam? LOL. Still, we complain yet we love!
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This episode was a little bit off for me. Still lots of fun to be had, but the budget cuts were showing, and the logic was even less logical than usual. Glad you mentioned the gun thing -- so when the landlord eventually has to rent the apartment out b/c Sarah skipped out of her lease, there'd just be a gun sitting on the bed? Also, to be fair, in last week's comments I mentioned that the Sara's red test being Shaw's wife theory was someone else's... though I did find it likely. So, yes, I will take credit! Muahahahaha!
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I don't know... aren't Chuck and Sarah roughly the same age? That foxy lady Sarah killed looked a little young to be Momma Bartowski. Of course, maybe Bakula doesn't care what the law has to say about the age of consent... That'd be a creepy wrinkle.
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Read an interesting theory, high on the coincidence, but still plausible for this show: the woman Sarah killed on her Red Test was...... Shaw's wife! Dum dum DUUUUUUUUMMM! Not sure if the timeline works out, but if Sarah's only been a for reals agent for 5 years, it's possible. Great recap as always, Adam.
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Great review/recap, as always, sir! I always read the AV Club reviews of Chuck right after, but now I find myself looking forward to this even more. Asking how the mob fella recognized Casey as Alex Coburn was the biggest question I had, too. A plot hole? Also, yeah, it is more relaxed without Shaw, but isn't that the point of his character? Or do you mean it more about Routh's acting chops? Anyway, fun show. I love it and can't wait for next week...
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Hahaha! Lots of gold up in this one. Thanks!
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2010 on Friday Frodos (3/19 Edition) at GeekWeek
Ah, I should've gone! About 6 years ago I saw a screening of Superman: The Movie at the Palace Theatre in Columbus, OH. Similar experience. So great seeing it on the big screen!
I have the AdHouse edition of this... so good! Interested to see the new pinups. Raphael Grampa is definitely a talent to watch! Amazing work...
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2010 on Dark Horse Mesmo Delivery Trade Preview at GeekWeek