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Hey,Will! Interesting blog post! As a dedicated neo-Pagan myself, I've had no conflict with being both a person of Faith and an Erotic Being. I have Faith that Erotic Pleasure and Connection is a Sacred Gift, meant to be shared with Joy. I see ourselves as beings of Spirit in the wrappings of Human Flesh, so how could we NOT be both Flesh and Spirit? I hope that this little crossing of blog paths opens up a possibility for you, as well as others who follow you to ponder and embrace the concept that out QUEER Love & OUR QUEER SEX IS Sacred! Peace, Pleasure, and the Pursuit of Happiness! D. J. Perez "In MY House, All Acts of Love and Pleasure are Welcome!"
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2010 on COMING OUT CHRISTIAN (SORT OF) at Will Clark World
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When it comes to my condom use, I really concern myself not only with function, but with the "thrill of the ride", to borrow shameslessly from a recent auto ad campaign. I like the ONE Super Senitive condoms, for the level of thinness and sensitivity I look for in a condom. They're made right here in the U.S.A., so thay can be cheaper to buy than the imports. You can find out more about ONE's here:
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Apr 5, 2010
Wait a minute:....Wouldn't it make more sense for Trevor to be the "MOUNTAIN", given certain salient dimensions? Just saying.....lollollol
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2009 on TREVOR KNIGHT WATCH 3 at Will Clark World
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HMM...BRUNO as BEST FUTURE FEATURE here @ the NEW NOW NEXT awards. Too Bad this already happened Before the Movie Awards on 5/31. Bruno should get ANOTHA award for his Memorable entrance...All Ovah EMINEM's Lap & Face! BOOYAH! Remember, Slim (and on-line 'supporters of "This Important Musical Artiste"'), if you dish it out (as Slim Has), 'ya best be ready to take it, also! YOU ONLY GET BACK WHAT YOU PUT OUT, HATERS! Sometimes Sooner, Sometimes Later.... Peace, Pleasure and the Pursuit of Happiness!
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