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TL, I find solace in this emphasis. It is particularly noteworthy that the saying reappears in the New Testament several times in the speech of Jesus and then in a letter of Paul's. Not only is it the first biblical thought on marriage, it seems nothing is said more often about marriage than this. But it is such a familiar saying that we don't always notice how counter-cultural it is. Thank you for your post. Deb
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TL, Good post. I think this is part of why understanding Junia and Phoebe and Priscilla is so important. Many people want to say that they were not really in as expansive of a position as they were precisely b/c it messes w/ their hierarchy of leadership (if women can be leaders under elders but neither elders nor leaders over elders, then somehow they must have really been in lesser positions), but they have to torture the text, it seems to me, to come up with this idea. Additionally, I have read that the Greek phrase "one woman man" was used as praise on the tombstones of women; in other words, it was actually a gender neutral idiom for a devoted spouse. The thoughts of Kenneth Bailey (similar ideas are wonderfully explained in Loren Cunningham's book Why not Women?) are eye-opening in regards to the possibility that Paul writes about female elders in 1 Timothy: Thanks for this, Deb
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Jun 22, 2013