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Merkel's personal experience of being on the wrong side of the wall makes her sympathetic to the refugees' plight. And it was good politics at first, as European media attention to migrant privations crescendoed from the late summer of 2015 into the winter, culminating in Merkel's winning Person of the Year. That all changed on a dime after Paris & Cologne. Merkel stuck to her guns, but while there is still a sizable body of support for her policy in Germany, there isn't in her center-right-to-right constituency. She's like Mitt Romney whose bold insurance reforms were once viewed as both compassionate & good politics but then the ground shifted and they became embarrassments & liabilities to the party. Respectable & mainstream Germans like to believe that the War & its aftermath caused a clean break in German culture & politics, that they have irrevocably evolved to a higher, nicer form of politics characterized by tolerance, moderation, and Europeanism. Unfortunately, no matter how much they try to preserve the memories of 1918-1945 (and the Germans really have tried), the direct connection to the lessons of that time are inexorably fading and Germany is fast reverting to the centuries-long trend of being yet another European nation-state, able & increasingly willing to play power politics with the rest of the nation-states in pursuit of in-group interests.