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DJ Waldow
Salt Lake City, UT
Director of Community @BlueSkyFactory; U of Michigan Alum; Knowledge Craver; Sponge; Lover of Beer, Coffee, People (in no particular order).
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Interesting stuff, Tom. My personal opinion (aka, no data whatsoever to back this up) is that most people still don't know what a QR code. Those who have at least heard of it are still not sure what to do. Further still, of the group that knows what a QR code is AND knows what to do with it ... they don't have a QR reader installed on their phone. Thoughts on that take?
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Ha! Great timing. My wife and I (and our baby girl, @babywaldow) were just at Chipotle this past weekend in SLC. We had the brown rice! Loved it.
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Batman (email marketing) & Robin (social media). Powerful on their own, dangerously awesome together. Great example, Tom! I'm sure Emma does this, but check the analytics. They should show how many social shares you received per channel. Also, how many folks viewed and clicked on the shared email.
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Lauren - As I mentioned via Twitter, I'm not sure that netiquette can be taught. Then again, I'm not sure straight up etiquette can be taught either. I mean, yeah, of course children can learn this growing up. I'm talking about adults. One thing I learned when I "became an adult" is that just because you are old enough to drink or rent a car of have children (gasp!) does not mean you automatically have common sense. Adults do dumb things all of the time. See Tiger Woods or many US politicians. I mean, can you teach them to be smarter about personal decisions? I'm not sure, but I don't think so. Crap. Does this mean I'm becoming cynical? I hope not. I do have tremendous faith in humans. You know me. I love people. I really do. However, the more dumb choices I see people making... So, how does this tie to netiqutte? I don't think that humans with common sense all of the sudden forget it because we now friend & follow people. I believe that the same people that have terrible offline social skills are likely to also suck online and vice versa. Did I miss your point of this post or did my ramble make sense? DJ Waldow Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory @djwaldow
Thanks for the mention, Tamara! It was one of the most fun presentations to create and give... DJ Waldow Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory @djwaldow
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@Tom: I'm not suggesting Major Garrett's response was appropriate. I'm just saying that it's a topic worthy of discussion. Having no answer or fumbling is not an acceptable reply. If I were that guy, I would have been honest - "I'm not sure about the emails that the White House sends out, but I'll check and get back to you." Right? Just be direct. End of discussion. He was not qualified to answer that question. ---- @Joe: All about expectations, right? ---- @Jordan: Are you really surprised/disappointed? I mean most of the "big guys" are not great at email marketing. That just isn't what they do. The channel is very misunderstood. It's our job to help educate. That's my take at least. --- Thanks all for your comments. Keep 'em coming. ---- DJ Waldow Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory @djwaldow
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T - Great experiment, even better list. Thanks for doing this...including us...and sharing. LOVE it. DJ Waldow Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory @djwaldow
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Wow. You said a lot. I skimmed, then browsed, then read, and finally re-read. What I think stands out to me most (and what Alex was pointing out & I agreed with) is this statement: "All of the above may be crude or primitive forms of a dialogue..but they are a dialogue." I actually agree with you too (uh oh. Mich guy now agrees with "typical" ND guy). There is a move to more dialogue and we NEED to have more dialogue. I agree that individuals want to engage with brands and sometimes the people behind the brands (i.e., Tony Hse of Zappos). However, as I often do, I use my wife as my litmus test. She's a huge Sierra Trading Post BUYER. She gets their emails (sent by Wendy Croissant aka @email_queen) and often buys. I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that STP (company not the band, Alex) is engaging in a dialogue with my wife, but I like where you are going with this. Time for more coffee to think. DJ Waldow Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory @djwaldow P.S. Y'all thinking of adding hard returns to this comments section (easier on the eyes). Also, how about the ability for some light HTML and a link to get notified via email by follow up comments? Just saying, just asking).
While it pains me to say this about a Buckeye, I actually agree with Alex on this one. At least I'm "disagreeing" with a Notre Dame dude. Go Blue! Seriously though, I think Alex nails it here, "We try out best to give you content that is relevant so you will buy things and click." dj
Classic. Reminds me of the Jimmy Fallon bit Too Many Social Networks: DJ Waldow Dir of Community at Blue Sky Factory @djwaldow
Fascinating stuff. Wow. I'd agree that seeing these numbers with RT's would be even more valuable. However, it's interesting to me to see that you have a strategy. I'm not saying that one should *not* have a strategy or a plan, but the fact that you limit to sharing 5-6 links/posts of others was different. What if there were more than 6 articles on a particular day that were shareworthy? What if there were fewer? (I don't have the answer, just asking...). Speaking of CoTweet. I've been using for @djwaldow and @blueskyfactory and would agree with you on how slow it seems to be to update. I do love that I can "cotweet" (post from personal and company at the same time) but not sure that is worth it. Other tools do that too. Thanks for a wonderful analysis. Time to sign up for HootSuite 2.0! DJ Waldow Dir of Community at Blue Sky Factory @djwaldow
@GaryV - The fact that you are engaging in this conversation speaks volumes. As my boy Justin Premick just tweeted, you rock. Carry on... DJ Waldow @djwaldow
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Wow. Great conversation going on in the comments section. I rarely make it through an entire comment thread, but this one was intriguing. I'm not a PR person or "an influencer" so these comments come as an outsider of sorts: 1. I agree with Valeria that scale can be an issue. Let's give Gary V some credit for using email as a channel to attempt to reach the masses (more on the email part later). 2. I'm still amazed how much time people (looking at you, Gary) make to respond, engage, and converse with others both in real life and on the tubes. The fact that there was a conversation that took place on this post is incredible. 3. Passion is contagious. I truly believe Gary's words above are from the heart. He was not (too) defensive, but just took the advice as a learning experience. Props, dude. 4. I've spent the last 4 years at Bronto Software, advising clients how to make their emails relevant, timely and targeted (leading to opens, clicks, and ultimately conversions). This is a challenge in the B2C space and I'd imagine even more so in the PR Pitch arena. I give Gary credit for the attempt and the opportunity to listen and learn from "mistakes." 5. Finally, I'll be starting on July 8th as the Director of Community for Blue Sky Factory (you know, Greg Cangialosi). Thanks for allowing me to listen in on the exchange and learn... DJ Waldow @djwaldow
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Dennis - I said this on Twitter, IM, and email, but I'll say it again here: That is one of the best (and most honest) blog posts I've read in some time. Great to hear from the "average" online consumer for a change. FWIW - I ask my wife all the time what she thinks (about email, of course). dj @djwaldow -- DJ Waldow Director of Best Practices & Deliverability at Bronto
@Lauren - What a great follow up to Amber's post. You've just gained a fan. My fav quote by you: "Give up too soon and you have lost progression of thought and disciplined growth." Thanks again. DJ Waldow