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Classic. Obama makes the right decision to stage the raid and let the special forces do their job, no politics. He then manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by not releasing the photos of Bin Laden, citing some vague concerns about 'inflaming' the extremists, a purely political decision, and just the latest of many Obama missteps. Photos of US citizens plunging to their deaths from the WTC are just fine, but a photo of the body of the man who planned their deaths is too much. Newsflash: The US just killed Bin Laden! The people who hate the West don't need an excuse to hate us any more than they already do. There is no action we can take, no promise of appeasement Obama can make, that will change that simple fact. It's clear that Obama has no love for the United States and will look for any opportunity to lower its standing in the eyes of the world. Well done, Mr. President.
Toggle Commented May 4, 2011 on For All Eyes to See at Monica Crowley
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May 4, 2011