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Eagle Rock, Idaho
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Chip Berlet, an analyst at Political Research Associates, is interviewed on MSNBC. Take a look at this video to see another view.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2010 on JOURNAL: Militia Fantasies at Global Guerrillas
Perhaps bypassed in the conversation is a look at why ordinary people suddenly descend into apocalyptic visions of the end of time by violent cataclysm. Conspiracy theories often populate social groups that are alienated from the mainstream of economic and civic/political participation by sudden events over which they have no control. Examples include layoffs and extended unemployment and other forms of marginalization and isolation, e.g., rural areas. This is one of the reasons you don't find militia groups in cities. You find other kinds of cohesive terrorist organizations. The phenomenon of sudden personality change found among militia members was documented in 1995 by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman in a book titled "Snapping." Militia groups are composed of people who have "snapped" because they have become untethered from the normal bonds of middle/working class society. This latest group in Michigan needs to be evaluated in this light as well as the other paradigms mentioned in the original and the comments. See Google Books link below.
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2010 on JOURNAL: Militia Fantasies at Global Guerrillas
The web is falling behind in shifting to multiple interfaces to support both desktop and mobile applications. Some web sites will offer the mobile interface if it detects a mobile device, but even large well know sites are still clueless. Why isn't there an easy development environment that makes it a no brainer to detect mobile devices and offer the mobile interface? I've got several clients who want to offer a mobile interface, but are appalled by the re-work necessary to do so. Maybe their views are an over reaction? If not, there is a market niche for a development kit that will help web site developers get both desktop and mobile versions up simultaneously or convert a desktop site to also talk to the rest of the mobile world. Plus, why would you go with the iPhone when the carrier, AT&T, reprotedly has the lowest customer satisfaction rating in the US?
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The news item about Plutonomy is relevant to high tech consulting. Rate cuts as much as 50% are being forced on practicioners as customers fail to perceive value in any but the most elite providers. The paradox is these same customers would never buy from an elite provider. Commodity pricing results in loss of income, buying power, and reduced multiplier effect of lower earnings.
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2009 on LINKS: 15 OCT 09 at Global Guerrillas
Perhaps one more sign of problems is the disposal of the earning power of the baby boom generation. Now in its peak earnng years, age discrimination is trimming the members of this generation from the labor force. Even with savings, consulting, and, in some cases, a modest pension, earning power is still reduced by at least 30% which means consumer spending of a very large segment of the population is crippled on a permanent basis. Try to build an economic recovery on that phenomenon? While corporations are expected to act in "self interest," collectively, these types of targeted layoffs also affect global competitiveness. Firms that think they can get by on the skills of a $50K worker, after laying off a $100K worker, are fooling themselves if they expect a boost in sales and productivity gains to follow cost cutting.
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2009 on More breakage at John Robb's Weblog
I remain entralled by the end to the 'Time Travelers Wife" in which he visits her as a younger person after he has died in real life. That's what I call 'not giving up.'