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Marco Romano
Wistful thinker always searching for the deeper groove in music
Interests: travel, gardening, animals, music (Lusafrican, Zouk, Beguine, Brasilian, Cuban) cooking & food, wine, champagne, audio webcasting, reading
Recent Activity
We bought a turkey breast that we will cook sometime over the Thanksgiving weekend. This is for turkey sangwiches on rye w/ Duke's mayo. For Thanksgiving Day we will have Spanish tapas, a tradition in this part of upstate NY. We donated to the local mission for a number of meals for the not so fortunate. Your Friday Friendsgiving is the perfect antidote to the always toxic blackness of that consuming Friday. Our newly acquired disco ball will be rotating later in the evening for those who want to trip out to the lights fantastic.
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In the early 70's, I used to work at the welfare department in Albany NY. One day per month, we worked the surplus food detail. The gubmit cheese came in 5 pound blocks. It was probably the most popular item. In fact, I asked for one once and the super gave me 'un. Made great grilled cheese sandwiches and I topped off a burger or four with it.
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2016 on WTF Part & Parcel? at THE GURGLING COD
Maybe a Lesbian-only artisanal porridge shop with true grits.
It's also important to point out that Julia in MTAOFC included recipes from a wide spectrum of French cuisines, e.g. Parisian to Provencal. Hazan's cookbooks were not so encompassing. Her Italian cuisine was mainly Northern Italian. She hailed from Emilia-Romagna, I believe, and preferred butter and vegetable oil to olive oil for frying.
Where's the beef? We made pork and beef meatball-patties. 50-50 on the pork and beef, plenty of minced garlic, parsley, two eggs, stale bread soaked in milk, plenty of grated pecorino and provolone. We grilled half and fried half. Fried in olive oil FTW. Good tribute to my mother's legendary meatballs. I don't get the show horse reference. The unicorns yes. I think.
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Take Mrs. Robinson and leave the burger.
The last time that I was in a bar during March Madness was in Saratoga Springs, a bastion of conservative Republicans, on March 19th or 20th 2003. As I was sitting at the packed bar, the television coverage suddenly switched to the bombing of Iraq. Everyone groaned. The bartenders tried to change channels but that didn't work. I turned to the older gentleman next to me and said: "You might as well watch it, you are paying for it." No reply. I finished my burger and left.
You are killing the fucking BBQ. I learned about Arthur Bryant's from Calvin Trillin and Michael Bourne, a St. Louis Cards fan and a DJ at WBGO in Jersey.
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"We used to tease each other about whose liver was going to go first. I never thought it would end for him this way."- Mickey Mantle in USA Today
Well put. The pastoral image of the farmer vs. the reality of making a living on the farm. Corporate agribiz has done well by Butz's legacy and continues to desecrate the land the extent of which is only beginning to come to light. But ole Earl King Corn Butz was a great joke teller as we all know now.
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According to the Narragansett-Wiki, msickquatash is "bolied corn kernels"
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Clearance price! $3995 outdoor dishwasher:
Viking Warming Fucking Drawer: Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation:
$839.95 anti-fatigue wellness mats: Last Hope k9:
Sound advice. You can improvise after you learn the standards songbook.
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Aldo says "Woof yeah!"
AND it's designed in the USA but made in China by young people who work for $2/week. "It's also washable so you can use it again." so says the video. Off topic, but not really. I think that you should do the 12 days of Crassmas again. It's socially relevant and redeeming. And you will feel better after doing it.
Noyesyesnonononoyesyesnoyesmaybenoyesyesno Go #teamdonkeysauce!
I'm behind you on dat.
Were the koozies made by the Dough Boy? I hope so.
Nipples that one can be proud of!
But his GF, Tarin, is a midget. Maybe they didn't see her and thought he was a party of one.
Mastering the Art : $20 brand new Modernist Bullshit : $140 brand new $20 X 3 = $60 + $80 = $140 $20 X 7 = $140 So, according to the differential-Diophantine equation you can buy 7 Masterings for the price of one Modernist Myhrvold.
The obvious connection is that Monk wrote a song called "Stuffy Turkey".
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