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Disclosure: EMCer here Chuck, Great post about a highly active area. Building on the note above from Mchmarny, there are definitely some big thinkers in the US on this subject and some interesting things to check out. In addition to all the stuff, the initiatives taken by Todd Park and Jennifer Pahlka are notable. Before Todd became US CTO earlier this year he was CTO for HHS and a big champion of open data. The Health Datapalooza came out of this effort - Code for America ( was founded by Jennifer Pahlka and drives government to work better through the web and technology. Open data is a big part of her organizations success. Some of the efforts are big while others are local county or town hackers who come up with very interesting projects after getting access to open data. Tim O'Reilly has been pushing Open Data for a while as part of his Gov 2.0 and, originally, Government as a Platform topic. In addition to Tim's contributions, Alex Howard is the primary contributor for Gov 2.0 work. However, several other O'Reilly staffers often have interesting things to say about open data. Tim is also a cheerleader for Code for America. Below is the link to Tim's original Gov 2.0 thoughts. - David
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Sep 19, 2012