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Denise Koufogiannakis
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Hi Marcus, I've been involved with EBLIP for about 10 years and am a practicing librarian in an academic environment. It concerns me that you have the impression that EBLIP presents a closed version of truth and the way forward. For me, EBLIP does the opposite. The framework helps to guide my practice and question things on a daily basis. If anything, it shows me that there are no perfect answers, and that "truth" is very complex. Nevertheless, I still want to look to the research as one piece of what guides my decision making process, because it can shed a lot of light on things for me. It opens up my knowledge to go beyond what I already know, or what my colleagues already know. That is why I encourage others to look to the literature, think about what the research tells them, or do their own research when implementing new innovations. If the EBLIP process has come across as too rigid, perhaps things need to change, and I think that everyone involved in this movement is open to that. I'm certainly not living under false assumptions that practicing librarians go through all these steps or evaluate the literature they read. But I do think that we can all take away some piece of the EBLIP process that might help us do things better or think about things in a different way. I, for one, would never critize someone because they didn't follow the whole process or not use it. I think that for 99% of us, EBLIP is a guidepost. Maybe the idea has come across to harshly in some cases, for the very reason of making a point or bringing it to people's attention. If that creates improvement via criticism, that's ok; but I hope no one thinks it has to be all or nothing. Denise