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A bit late to the game, I realize, but the job of the shiny noisy crap at the top of this entry is not to communicate something about Google salaries, but to sell advertising to the likes of Toyota, IBM and (at least as I see the page bearing this atrocity today. I am in a protracted, if friendly, conflict with the product owner where I work over the pointless 3D chartjunk generated FusionCharts in the reporting component of one of our products. I insist on charts that communicate, simply and fairly, the data our clients need to do their business. The product owner insists that the 3D charts look "cool" and the developers love the way the bars in bar charts grow up from the bottom as the chart appears. I have not done any end-user testing to determine whether "charts that communicate fairly and clearly" or "really cool charts that are fun to watch" is what the clients need. Or, rather, what the clients want. Or, to be completely honest, what the clients will buy.
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2011 on The massive burden of pie charts at Junk Charts
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Mar 31, 2011