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Agreed, Mike. A lot of times I get an uncomfortable feeling that we have crossed over into linguistic condescension re: our theologies and conversations. And I hate to see that. Especially when I discover that I have been engaging in it. Dale
that comment by "Dale" above is me....was using a different machine , and so my Twitter account wasn't joined to Typepad. Just to clarify. So, anybody out there still thinking about this?
"First, he remains aloof from the planet's plight " Huh? That's actually the opposite of the purpose and message of the parable. Thbe ones "left behind in heaven" are those who want heaven to be an "escape"...God actually takes the rest BACK TO EARTH. Also, I seem to notice Jesus told MANY parables illustrating examples of NOT being faithful. And Rollins does not "consign" anybody to hell. The whole "heaven-hell" dichotomy is the problemn being highlighted here, and the idea of "believing the right stuff" and thus getting a "seat" in heaven vs actually ministering to the world where we are....the "heaven" being portrayed is actually a place of setting aside the call to minister to those around us.
That being said, I don't want to use that as a deflection. I'm just not sure we can get too far on moving into praxis by working on our language about it, but I certainly think, as talk goes, it's a crucial question. So I want push back on that issue. I'm prone to "talking it" and leaving it there all too often.
My first reaction at (In a nutshell, my first quesiton is "exactly who IS effective at moving from conversation into praxis (in terms of movements)?
Me too, Bill. the iMOnk was a regular stop for me in my regular habit of perusing the Web.
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Shane, I'm a bit surprised that you would go so far as to assume a smile from someone you don't even know is a "smirk" ---When you say " I really tried hard to give Brian the benefit of the doubt four years ago-- I'm not sure I could do it now." I can tell by your readiness to call his smile a "smirk" kind of tells that tale already. Dale
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Mar 1, 2010