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Because of our country's economic unbridled freedoms, those big money interest will always conrol the way we eat, drink, breath, work, move, and play. Obama's plan is to take tax-dollars and give them to anyone who contributes to his campaign to make something better through bioengineering. But, it sounds like an election-year campaign trik to me. What we need is more solid laws governing the way money makers affect our lives. Junk-foods, junk-beverages, beef and pork should all be either illegal or highly regulated. Natural; foods should be grown natually. We have one of the worst health records in the world and it is directrly tied to the food we eat. Yet, we don't even talk much about it. It gets worse year after year and by even considering more biofuels, we are putting our food sources in greater jeopardy. We need a mobilization program like we had in 1941-1943 to revise our transportation system completely away from fossil fuels. The future lies in natural energy made from the many inexaustable sources available and that is only direction we should be taking. As long as the corporations get to decide, we will greatly stall the direction we should be taking.
American drivers love the power of their cars. They seem to think of golf carts when they think of electric cars. I think that they will love the thrill of silent power when they see it for the first time. They will love their new quiet neighborhoods especially if they live near a freeway. They will love the clear, clean air and will wonder what happened to their child's breathing problems. They will love not needing to fuel up and the extra money in their pocket each week. They may not be able to see much beyond these personal gains, so it may be well to emphasise these. The more important benefits may appeal to those who love their noise and don't care about polution and clean air. So, we will also need to educate the people about the importance of eliminating our dependence on foreign oil and the enormous drain on our treasury and young lives to protect this dependence. Peak oil is probably not going to sway anyone until the shortage of oil is very apparent. Neither is global warming, because both of these issues are being distorted by big oil, who want something to sell at their pumps, before they will allow us to use any alternative to gasoline engines.
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Feb 26, 2010