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Bernadine Dohrn and Code Pink are behind funding these flotillas too.... it is time to recognise that the democratic party, which has been consumed by communists/marxists/islamofacists are America and Israel's #1 ENEMY
God bless these 2 and help them to be happy living in the fishbowl, and help Britain to get some common sense people in to save their nation as Germany has.
Mark Levin as his Attorney general!
I support him too because it would be the UN/NWO's worst nightmare for him to lead the FREE world!
Obama as well as Chavez are ground troops for George Soros in developing his new world order. They will use whatever means necessary to topple America as the world superpower... they tried merely the economy,, the American people are too strong.. they try to incite violence, the American people are too smart... they will attack us... and then we will finally get to fight this fight.
Pamela, don't let them scare you.. You are doing an amazing job that too many are too afraid to do.. If not for you and your friends, America would still be in the dark about the truth of Islam... just be prepared to defend yourself.. God bless you and thank for all you do.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2010 on Death Threats and Security at Atlas Shrugs
the man is systematically strangling our economy...
Prophesy is the only explanation for allowing the mortal enemy of western civilization to get a free pass everyday,, in everyway.. Reading The Islamic AntiChrist by Joel Richardson, one realizes that only prophesy could allow for Islam to conquer the world.. because there is no way that a religion of HATE should surpass the tolerant religions. How can Islamists believe that a God would demand that the followers of Christianity and Judaism must be killed???? How did it ever get to this point if not for prophesy, because it makes NO SENSE! God help us to remain steadfast in this time of lunacy.
Sometimes when listening to talk radio, the subject turns to islam. Some call in to defend the religion and say that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an extremist. Those people use words to fool people who are unaware of the truth of Islam. Stealth jihadists use words to fool naive people. Recent converts many times are suicide killers. This is WHY we need to stop the islamization of America. Islam does not mix with freedom. It should not be tolerated in the west whatsoever. They are here to conquer. We need to educate ourselves and then educate as many others as we can. It is our patriotic duty to preserve our just nation from this mortal enemy.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Islam: Remaking the Public Square at Atlas Shrugs
How is it that the islamists have gotten into the position to use our schools as a tool in jihad against the west? Do the liberals believe in islam? or are they merely using it as a tool to take down capitalistic America?? Maybe they should have read the Koran before they let them get their foot in the door. They have been fooled by deceit, the same deceit the smiling liar obama uses to islamize our nation under our noses. Islamists should not be allowed in a nation in which they cannot lawfully abide by the laws of the land. Obama has NO right to change America into an islamic nation.. that is called was stealth but it has been a war on America from within none the less.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Islam: Remaking the Public Square at Atlas Shrugs
Such apparent glee in finding like Satanic minds... The book From 9/11 to 666 by Ralph W Stice, written in 2005 is a must read at this time if we need the words to explain what America is now facing. If we help to educate our neighbors, hopefully Obama will not be able to undermine America so that he can invite us to convert to Islam or die.. Have the MSM all converted to Islam? or are they merely stupid? Has Saudi money bought their very souls? Ahmadinejad IS going to bring on the 12th imam. He seems to have a time table set up and his buddy Obama is onboard delivering America to Islam for the global caliphate. Bush must think this is prophecy for him to remain silent and allow his friends in Israel to be in this situation. Our God will return after Satan has encouraged the Islamists in committing global genicide for their faux god Allah. Lord help us to educate others so they will not convert to that satanic religion. The liar Obama just might be able to persuade a lot to move over to the dark side.
I wonder if Obama is going to open the flood gates for radical islamists to come here where they can enjoy the freedom of living in sharia law secretly until he can impose sharia on us all? amnesty might not be just for Hispanics... they used the mulitplying effect to outnumber Europeans and if Obama opens the gates here saying that they are being discriminated and need sanctuary here.. watch out... immediate sharia upon us.. perhaps on that first ballot... Deceitful Jihadist Obama will meet his deadline for islamizing America.
What are we going to do on the day after Israel has been attacked and Obama tells us that it is in our best interest to be an Islamic nation? The majority of Americans are ignorant about Islam because to find out about it., you need to go online to sites like this or buy books to read.. The majority of Americans are clueless that Graham is CORRECT in his assessment of Islam. Unfortunately, Obama is bankrupting our nation because he thinks that is all that needs to be done to break the American spirit. He thinks that we will submit to Islam. The thing is that this is yet another thing that the America hater Obama is ignorant about ... Americans love their God, their nation and their FREEDOM, which does not exist in an Islamic nation. they have NO RIGHT to conquer us stealthly. We need to make sure that we are armed with information to share so Americans will not be as shocked as they were on the morning of 9-11. We CAN preserve America from this mortal enemy.
One of the Saudi Prince's owns a bit of FOX news so, who knows if they will ever be able to speak out about Islam? Mark Levin is our only hope it seems. Mark loves America more than his career. Rush hints about Islam...but Saudi money has seriously tainted the airwaves. Political correctness is going to be what slits the throat of America. We cannot let them keep the public ignorant. No Americans would want their nation to be islamized. Even moderate Islamists should not want that, but that is the plan with Obama in the Whitehouse. We need to be armed with facts to spread everywhere we can.
O'Reilly is not only an appeaser, he is also dangerous because people actually think he is TOUGH. When he interviewed Obama and thought for a second that it was tough, he showed that all he truly cares about is making money and his ratings. O'Reilly is a fool. He will soon miss the freedoms that he chose to be politically correct enough to lose. Kudos to the South Park guys. If only now more talk radio and FOX personalities would speak out the TRUTH of Islam, America could be saved from the global caliphate. Ignorance of Islam is the only advantage islamists have as they stealthly islamize our nation under our noses. What are we going to do after Israel is attacked from all sides? Is O'Reilly going to say that they should have given up their lifestyle, their religion to appease Islam?? O'Reilly appeasing Islam is not going to save his life in the end.. what a fool.
An excellent book to read for a plain English explanation of how the CRA along with Clinton going around the republican congress using the IMF to bailout his buddies on wall street who now work for THIS administration, is Architects of Ruin by Peter Schweizer. Obama, after getting the power to take over any and all of our businesses, will steal the rest of our hard earned money, he will then be our Hugo Chavez. He WILL tell US that we have a choice, submit to islam and live in the Islamic republic of America under sharia law,, or we die.. same as in all other islamic nations after they have been conquered. Obama is a deceitful stealth jihadist who with the funds of George Soros and other American haters and the main stream media who is too stupid to realize that he is destroying THEIR nation as well, has managed to get to lead this great country to destruction no different from how Hugo Chavez got to lead Venezuela to destruction as well. Obama has a vision of world peace that is the same as Islamists view, a global caliphate complete, Israel wiped off the face of the Earth and America under sharia law.. Obama is our mortal enemy. He is the same as the enemy that Bush was fighting in Iraq. Now he is here undermining our nation around us while we watch, praying our political leaders will stop him..
How nice for Barack... yet another friend who he can live with when he is EXILED from America.
Islamists around the world are rising up to acheive the global caliphate... it will not be long and Obama will declare that America is an Islamic nation.. Bush declined the invitation.. but Obama is purposefully destroying America so that we will submit.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2010 on This is Britain at Atlas Shrugs
In America, the Islamists have figured out to use our system as a way to stealthly islamize this nation. Obama is going to dump the dollar and he will then give us the choice that Bush would not even consider... to convert to Islam. Obama thinks that if the great satan America is declared an Islamic nation, of which he has already proclaimed, under sharia law, which will be installed as soon as the financial reform bill allows him to steal the rest of the people's wealth, that there will be peace on Earth, the peace that he has promised to the rest of the world. Obama IS conquering America for Islam using deceit. Muhammad would be proud of how deceitful this "American" "president" is... If people want to read a very good book about what the Islamists are doing to undermine our nation, read Infiltration by Paul Sperry. This IS the modern day crusades and we need to start to fight back in any way we can because they will NOT stop until they have achieved the global caliphate. Obama is not being sought out to be killed by Islamists because they are aware that he is on their side. If he were truly an apostate, he would have already lost his head for Islam. He has their blessing as he destroys America from within, the only way to conquer America. The Ps and Qs can no longer be minded.
How is it that a people whom their religion is ALL to them, laws, everything, can insist that their way of life be able to be put on the sides of public buses when judges in the same land try to make the national day of prayer illegal??? How can THIS be separation of church and state when islamists have no separation of church and state??? It is time to educate the public about Islam, how they are here TO conquer our way of life, imposing their lifestyle upon us.. In other non politically correct words.. what they are doing is conducting a WAR on western civilization. What they are doing by forcing the buses to take down these paid advertisements is using TERROR to silence their opposition. This form of TERROR is as bad as Hitler and now Obama's PROPAGANDA that ignores mainstream America, forcing the transformation of America into the failed nation that Obama feels the world will accept.. unfortunately since Obama is hand in hand with Islamic nations, yet political correctness keeps the media in America, even FOX from being able to spell out what IS happening, our nation is stealthly being islamized and if we do not STOP it NOW,,,we are going to die under sharia law because we will NOT accept a God who encourages his followers to kill.. Please America, please stop participating in this game with Islam.
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Apr 14, 2010