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Hi Jeff, I just wanted to say Thank You for the kind review. We really appreciate the time you took to thoughtfully write about us. Have a great holiday, David Lifson CEO
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As an entrepreneur, I can confirm Dave's point that the Series A bar has been raised. I believe this has created a need for a new round that sits between angel funding (<$500k) and Series A - a spot that FRC, 500 startups, and other uVC funds are perfect for. Angel round - up to $500k @ $1-2M pre Seed round - $750-1.5M @ $3-6M pre Series A - $2-6M @ $5-12M pre I think this new intermediate round is the most interesting space to play in for investors, and it seems the investor market is responding (with the explosion of uVC / seed funds).
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Excellent post. While I see the "pattern matching" value for a VC, I'm curious if it's possible for the individual entrepreneur to recognize their faults and course correct. I suspect the answer is No. I also suspect that great startup CEOs are more likely to have a product / engineering background vs. an MBA.
Good stuff here and something that Postling supports. We'd love to allow our own customers the ability to reblog between their social media accounts. Let me know if there is a way we can help.
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Dec 2, 2009