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Interests: People, entrepreneurship, fantasy baseball (since 1988), cooking, pushing limits, my family, bringing ideas to life.
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Master of 501 Hats: I never really got into Valleywag, so I'm looking forward to the new focus on more newsworthy elements of day that will draw a broader audience. We need more journalism covering people, but not for the arguably sensational things they do outside of their work. And I use the term "arguably, loosely, as in OJ "arguably" didn't kill Nicole and Ron. The notion that there is anything remotely interesting about the lives we are living (OK, not the life I'm living actually...I'm chillin' in Walnut Creek, far away from the high impact gossip of the Valley) to anybody outside the echo chamber that is Silicon Valley is absurd. Polly in Peoria is sitting home today, reading In Style, watching Entertainment Tonight, and fantasizing about having a Rickard Shaw purse on one shoulder and Brad Pitt on the other. I can promise you that Polly does not have a secret fantasy to one day be wedged into a booth at Buck's between Mark Benioff and John Doerr, or gives a shit who Larry Page is dating unless her name is Halle. Hell, if my wife doesn't care, Polly sure doesn't. The point is actually that in order to deliver above market advertising rates, any media property must deliver an audience more valuable than the market alternatives. In my opinion, the Valleywag content was simply not capable of scaling the audience, both in terms of its ability to attract sheer numbers outside the Valley and its ability to serve as a filtering proxy for delivering high intent-focused leads or branding for advertisers ala some of the publications under the Tech Target brand. (See, e.g. those which focus on buying decision of CIO's.)