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"chipper good luck even getting a hit this year against the phils. hope you get a shot at blanton!" "i don't know, i'll be lucky to get on base against those guys this year!"
lol hamels looks like such a dweeb. get rid of the center part buddy
fuckin magnets. how do they work?
and a james harrison jersey, no less. fuckin a
i think this is the same kind of style that nike used for their olympic hockey jerseys last year...USA, canada, germany, russia were a few of them
wow. this is the only time i've seen a professional athlete use proper grammar in a tweet. and there are 2 of them!
why are pittsburgh fans on this site anyway...?
great post, kyle. very nice read. i couldn't agree more with the #1 pick.
christian AND in support of the death penalty? obviously not a good christian, then. tucker carlson is a teatard.
shelley's a huge him and coburn for a decent forward. or defenseman, based on the current performance of the defense.
vick > brady. and andy reid doesn't cheat. anyway, 1:55 is the best part hahahaha
@pizza bagel i agree about those 2 seconds hahahaha what does bylsma say at 2:02? "and then (something) ends up being the game-winning goal"
shawn i think you mean 3rd behind the eagles' and phillies' parades!
how in the world do these beat the flyers shootout win over the penguins??? brown's debut shouldn't even be on the list, but oswalt's LF appearance shoult be #10.
who will get the job when he steps down? whether it be this year or next
more like the ONLY great new yorker...
^^^ unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful
it's past his bedtime. he'll get to it tomorrow i bet.
he wore a yankees hat instead of his typical redneck rebellion stuff? thats why he stayed in the tunnel.
swisher, how did your team do in the playoffs? make history lately? oh no, you were on the other side of it back in 2004, which you should remember CLEARLY because you're desperately clinging to the past.
lololololol nick swisher is bringing up past championships like they actually matter right now. get the sand out of your vagina already, sheesh. if your team has the most money, then no shit they're gonna have the most championships. they aren't even a baseball team, they're an all-business corporation. btw if you're gonna have a yankee's name, at least make it that of a good non-wigger one.
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2010 on DeSean Jackson Made Matt Dodge Cry at Crossing Broad
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Dec 21, 2010