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This list already exists, at Facebook (or they can easily generate it by querying data they already have, the way they build "ethnic affinity" lists). Facebook can tell who is and isn't a gun owner by connecting purchase data, location data, and social graph. Even if you haven't posted on Facebook about firearms at all. What are they going to do with the list? Several possibilities. 1. Ad targeting. Landlords who don't want to rent to gun owners will be able to exclude them, and employers will be able to exclude gun owners from job ads. 2. Event listings. Some event organizers will be able to select an option that prevents their event from being shown to gun owners. 2. Trade it for regulatory policies. Next time Facebook gets caught up in a surveillance scandal, they might be able to avoid more costly regulations by offering to expose their gun ownership data to a government agency that is not allowed to collect or retain it directly.
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2018 on When ALL Gun Owners are Shunned at Global Guerrillas
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Apr 10, 2018