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So. For twenty years I traveled with a 500 series body and three or four lenses and film backs for color and BW. The pro-lab 16x20s I hung in my office were state-of-the art prints that were the best travel images possible. Now the 16x20s from my D800e look so much better - printed at home - that I wonder why I fooled with the Hasselblad. Oh - it was the best we could do for a long time. I thought I'd never say this, but I'll never ever feel the need to go back. I just regret that my 503CW isn't big enough to use as a boat anchor. Useless.
Hey Joe B - You just specified the new Fuji X20. I know I do like mine a lot so far. Interior shots at f/2 are surprisingly sharp with minimal vignetting and surprising depth-of-field (smaller sensor). Plus a passable viewfinder.
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2013 on Cool New Ricoh GR at The Online Photographer
Too wide. I don't want the whole world in each shot. I'd love one of these with a 50 equivalent. Yes, I know it would be a larger package, but that's okay. I sold my X100 because even 35 wasn't a do-everything view for me. So for now I love my new Fuji X20 and that neat zoom. Just wish it had a bigger sensor.
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2013 on Cool New Ricoh GR at The Online Photographer
Nope. Too wide. Look at that first sample image. Put a 50 on it and I'm in. Or not. Got a Fuji X20 coming.
Wow. Never thought I'd read that! My first Tri-x was exposed in 1972... I've had a darkroom wherever I lived up to this day. On the other hand, it's been four years since I've written a check for a Kodak anything. So blame me, and blame yourself. Still sad, though.
The website you linked to said it all under the photograph. "Buy this Art". Oh, they have to tell us that that's what it is.
I've realized that a static charge can fog the image if you shoot a digital file while grounded. Now I jump into the air and release the shutter. It also keeps me from having to use the blur filter in Photoshop as much. Alternatively you could wrap your memory card in saran wrap before putting it in.
Well. I just told somebody last week that after 30 years with a Hasselblad I have finally decided that the D700 is finally the end-all digital camera that does everything I need better than 120, and I might never feel the need to replace it. I believed that all morning today. At lunch I read the news. Within two minutes I was on the phone with Dave ordering a D800e. Now I won't sleep tonight.
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2012 on Nikon D800, Woo-Hoo! at The Online Photographer
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Mar 28, 2011