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Dmitriy Buchman
Interests: Science, art
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Jul 7, 2010
Shmarya, you rock! You are one of few people that actually had courage to speak up! Please keep fighting and help getting rid of barbaric and super-bios,and closed minded preachings that stem from Judaism and similar brainwashings. Judaism, Islam and Christianity are very powerful and ancient philosophies that effects people's life till this day. Most of US laws are made based on Judeo-Christian system. They have numerous personal and social advantages when it comes to building and maintaining a functional society, or dealing with person's spiritual quest or dilemma. However they are very tricky and extremely bios. The bottom line-Judaism, Islam and Christianity are no different from any other religions that teach kids and adults what they should do. In my opinion and experience, they are very debilitating and overpowering methodologies that are capable of screwing people's lives, making them like robots and promoting hate, just like any other hate-promoting propaganda is. My experience has been very negative with being religious. It tends to play on person's feelings and it uses numerous techniques to "lock you in". After which you feel like crap if you don't conform. Religion in my eyes is no more then a well built philosophy thats is full of cool things and mainly-CONTROL over the observing society/community, and they deserves to be flushed out from the modern world, together with cancer and other bullshit philosophies that abstract free thinking, progress and freedom of expression.
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Jul 6, 2010