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Sarah Lee
new york
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My love story, My ex boyfriend are I are still in love with each other he has a girlfriend but we still talk and tell each other i love you. Hes in the army the 25th Infantry Division in hawaii we started dating last june and we had been off and on for 2 years. I traveled over there for my summer vacation and things were a dream come true between us..but when i left he begin to think i was cheating on him which i wasnt i missed my homecomming dance because i was worried something would have happened and it would make me lose him..after 2 months our relationship was beginning to get rocky and in november of last year he told me that he has cheated on me... which i had no idea what to do with myself but we worked through it i forgave him but not fully we being to argue alott after that because i didnt know what he was doing or if he had cheated on me again which scared me to death..we eventually called it quits but i still was thinking about him i just couldnt let it go that easily i mean i was in love with him..he was comming back in december on the 19th the first day he came back he came over which i had already tried to move on i was in a relationship with i broke up with that guy when derek the guy im in love with came over...that was the first time id seen him since i was over there everyything just felt so right when i saw him that night he came back i fell in love with him all over again and when he hugged me my heart skipped a beat. that night he stayed over at my house because he got snowed in but knew better than that i had wanted him to stay and so he did that night we talked for hours and hours about how much we missed each other..he didnt know that i had dated someone i really didnt think he would care thats why i never said anything about this other guy it was only like a week that me and that guy dated for so it didnt matter..but the next night derek the love of my life saw that the guy i had dated wanted to buy me a ring for christmas which i was like it wasnt a dimound ring you know but to derek it was more like a commitment ring..that night he was just like i cant do this anymore i balled my eyes out so he stayed with me till around 3:00am that night and then left some how i knew things wouldnt ever be the way they were after that night the next day when he was taking me to work he was like i dont trust you so i dont think this is going to work...i couldnt bare to be at work so i went home and balled my eyes out..that night we tried to work it out but the next day it was all over he hadnt called me all day i was like what the heck finally i called him and he started bitching me out for no reason..anyways the weeks went on he finally left roanoke to go back to hawaii and i had tried to fix the relationship with the guy i was dating before derek came back but derek begin to cross my mind all the time it was so hard so one night i called him and we talked and he told me how much he missed me and how he was still in love with me but he has a girlfriend and that he couldnt hurt her but he could hurt me..ill never understand that..weve been talking about us for a little while and he told me its not gonna work but i have no idea how to let go he still tells me he loves me and that he doesnt care about the girl hes dating.. i just have no idea whaat to do but all i know is that im in love with him.
Feb 1, 2010
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