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If you don’t mind me summarizing your post. You appear to be accusing USAA and the FBI of fabricating evidence. What evidence was fabricated? Randy and Heather both confirmed the authenticity of the evidence presented by the prosecution. They never presented any conttart evidence or reason to believe it was fabricated. In fact most of te evidence used by the prosecution was video and Facebook posts by Tucci herself. Are you suggesting those videos and posts are fake? If so why didn’t Heather say they were fake during the trial?
Well, assuming you believe the conclusions in the Paradigm are correct, UCC filings are not the correct method of doing anything, as the judge explained. Your options for enforcement are either a violent or non violent overthrow of the government which Heather lacks the manpower to do. You cannot ask the same government you are trying to replace to voluntarily step down and also give you a bunch of money because they’ll simply do what they did here, throw you in jail.
I'd say you answered your own question. The paradigm report calls some things into question, but that's all it does. It's a collection of assertions by Heather, it has no weight or enforcement authority behind it. You can't rely on it for anything in court. In theory if the report were made for some sort of government agency with the ability to enforce the findings then it would be a document of some value. But the Paradigm Report was created for an entity that doesn't exist. Treasury Finance AG simply doesn't exist. Either Heather invented it or someone else did and roped Heather into it.
My apologíes, I assumed you were familiar with the IUV website. Here is the document referenced in my comment:
Dear Alan, your post is very broad but a good starting point for you is document 62 which contains judge Shirley’s rebuttal of Heathers UCC filings and a good overview of the problems with her paperwork.
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Jul 25, 2018