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Mr.Sato,Ms.matsumoto,Ms.Arai Thank you. It's a privilege to win the contest and join the SWW2012.It's a important for me to join the SWW. One of them is plan for our company. In our company,Engineering process is important issue. I must reseach the trend of it. and I will make the plan for Engineering process. One of them is activity for our committee. Our committee, SWCN belongs to SWUGN. This is 1st time to join the SWW for SWCN. I want to make an appeal to SWUGN. And I want to make the SolidWorks's friends through the SWW.
Hi,Mike Thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. Now I try to obtain CSWP advance more.
Thank you for your reply. As you said me,My English may be poor,I must study English hard. Your concern is appreciated.
I am so happy to be able to be winner. This is my chance and the most important event for our committee and co-worker. Thanks. I'd really appreciate it.
I join the SolidWorks World 2012 International Intrigue Contest.Why I join the contest,I have passion for the SolidWorks.I recommend for the contest. >Why you want to attend the show I am Yoshihiro Dobashi. I’m Japanese. I am arepresentative of SolidWorks UserGroup(Club) of Nagano in Japan. SolidWorks UserGroup(Club) of Nagano belong to SWUGN for the first time in Japan in May 2011.In this memorable year. Before join SWUGN, We have dedicated SolidWorks since our committee established. In SWW2012, I want to study SolidWorks through the case. I want to meet many SolidWorks Users and have contact with them. The information from SolidWorks Corporation and SolidWorks Users will give me the idea and the sensation. I want to inform the information and the passion to my committee’s member, co-workers at my company. These are the important mission for me. In my business ,I have been gone ahead with Digital Engineering processing on Manufacturing. I am a manager this division. And, I devote professional attention to Simulation , TolAnalyst , PDM ,Optimization of design approach. In SolidWorks2012 Beta contest, I have reported on problems of SW2012Beta.As a result of it, I have won the rank 6th in the world. By comparison , SolidWork Beta contest in Japan, I have won the rank 3rd. It is important for me to know the new products as a business. As a result of it, I can plan to make the long term design.I have CSWP-core, CSWP-advance(FEA). Now,I am studying CSWP-advance sheatmetal. In finaly I want to become a CSWE. I want to go ahead with CSWP in Japan. For theinplementation, I have published books on SolidWorks approved SolidWorks Japan. In SWW2011,I was introduced on screen by Mr. Mike Pucket. May be,many persons in genaral session see me. If I can join the SWW2013,I want to meet CSWP in CSWP special event. >What the most significant design challenge is in your region It is the most important issue to make the optimization.The optimization is not simple. The optimization can not make from only 3-dimension CAD. Needless to say, it can not make from 2-dimension CAD. About DATA management, In many case, Modification is used in designing. Using 3-dimension CAD,We must manage the CAD data, for example, revision, version.If we have mistake the data when we use as a reference previous data, New Design will has problem on quality. What the most recent data? What the previous data? I think it is important for design and design quality. My theory and case of PDM have placed the Japanese media and Everyone can see it.(IT-media MONO-ist) >About Design Validation The Design time is not enough, it is very shorten time, especially recent year. Our company, too. But Quality of products is determined by design 70-80% ,I think so. As a result of it, in many case, there are problem of quality. We must resolve the problem of product’s quality. What is the answer for it? I think one of them is Design Validation. Simulation is effective measure. Structural, Mechanism, Heat conduction, Flow. I have been used them. And I think Software simulation is important, too. The Embedded software becomes important, and stand on mechanical design. Software simulation with 3-dimension data will be more important future. For reference, I have joined the discussion in Japanese media (IT-media MONO-ist),this report can see everyone on web.(Sorry language Japanese only) >About Visualization If we find the problem on design, opinion of manufacturing and the third person is effective. They have many experience. By the 3-dimension view form made 3-dimension CAD, we can understand the model through instinct. As a result of it, we can find latent problem. 3-dimension viewer is communication tool in manufacturing. DATA management, Design validation, Visualization based on 3-dimension CAD, SolidWorks. >What you hope to learn or do at SolidWorks World 2012 One of them, Know current trend of SolidWorks. Trend of SolidWorks Corporation, the next version trend SolidWorks2013,User case, and many solution/products, it is the important to know these for me. The other, To meet the manySolidWorks use in event,party,CSWP party, it is the important. Especially, I want to join the SWUGN meeting. I want to learn, study from them about management of User committee. >What session is of the most interest I want to join the General session every day and ,Especially to join Customer success, Design validation. These are the session that I am interestead in. General Session SolidWorks Tips for Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Design Evaluating Component Cost Reduction Options Using SolidWorks Simulation >Who you most hope to meet I want to meet many specialist and SolidWorks Customer in United States and around the world. I want to meet the particuler person. Mr.Richard Doyle (SolidWorks/SWUGN) Mr.Mike Pucket (SolidWorks Certificate) Mr.Toddo(SolidWorks Tolanalyst Development) And Many SWUGN Leader,Many developer of SolidWorks I study SolidWorks,and I comunicate the technical information of SolidWorks,the trend of SolidWorks,the passion, to our committee,co-workes,Japanese Media. I place my impression on this Blog. This is my happiness and my mission.
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Dec 14, 2011