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you may be right but I don't think you are for one part of it is Lieweke was hired for a reason, sure Tannebaum obviously set the ground work previously as the Bills have been in town doing their games for a bit...but in a hire you hire a man that has not only the smarts but also the resources to move ahead on ideas and knows how to do feel free to spin it all you want but it's a team effort and Lieweke is doing what he was hired to least he is taking concrete steps, Anselmi couldn't come close to this...I realize there isn't a lot of love out there for Lieweke for whatever reasons, but he has did what he was hired to do and I personally admire and respect his style and what he has did in a short period of time....cheers.. Blogger's note: I am right. I know more than you. Accept it. End of story. We're done on the issue. I'm right, you're guessing. Thanks for reading
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@LeeZ yes I realize that I typed the wrong word and noticed it after I posted it but thought it immaterial to post a correction after the fact as the point really wasn't involving that ..... in regards to Lieweke and Jon Bon jovi you may be right but I was only going by this quote from a article on the Bleacher Report.. As La Canfora notes: "Tim Leiweke is now president and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs and a massive player in the sports and entertainment landscape of the region." Bon Jovi has "major ties to Leiweke and his daughter," according to the report, and that could be how the New Jersey native accrues the necessary funds. here is the full article I read...cheers.. Blogger's note: In regards to Leiweke, I am right
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so it all makes sense now...Jon Bon Jovi gets a banner at the ACC for some odd reason, well not so odd, as cue ahead to this the NFL there is a rule that all teams have to be owned by a individual not a Bon Jovi has interest in buying Bills, and who will be the partner in the background with the big sack full of cash?, it will be Rogers...pretty interesting and smart move by Lieweke..."granny shots" work they are fool proof, I could hit 8,9-10 from center jump ball logo consistently as my teammates in HS found out over bets for pops....cheers.. Blogger's note: Any connection with Bon Jovi started years before Leiweke was on any radar; this is, and was, Tanenbaum.
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@Johnnyc...your right and your wrong as American Pie started out by referring to Holly/Big Bopper and Valens,,,but it is a Pie (think trivial pursuit) and a Pie consists of pieces so those Pieces were the crash, then onto Chubby Checker (kick off your shoes), then onto the King (Elvis) and the Jester (Dylan)...then the Beatles (quartet at Shea) and then the Jester again on the sidelines( Dylan's motorcycle accident) then blah,blah,blah and whats a pie do?? go full circle and at the end of the pie is the "father,son and holy ghost" is a autobiographical song written by Mclean that encapsulates his youth and those 10 formative opens with a tragedy and closes with one....a pie is a pie,think another popular song "all my life is a circle"...and those 10 years for McLean Roberta Flack wrote in "Killing me Softly" which was written in response to American pie and it does kill you we went from Holly's death to this era of song and dance (Checker, Presley) to more death (Jfk),Jester on the sidelines (Dylans life threatening motorcycle accident) to Beach Boys,more Beatles (marching Band refused to yield) then Janis (then Woodstock) then Kent State, and then the summary of the father,son and holy that pie, America the Pie did's right there....Pie's are circles and Mclean explained it so well when he described the becomes crystal clear...cheers..
I was born in December of 59 so when Kennedy was shot I was almost 4, but I can say this, it is the first actual memory I have of my older brother doubted me once but with my mom there I explained watching the funeral, and seeing the horse pulled hearse and looking at my mom crying and I described actually what she was wearing and who was in the room sitting where and she said I was absolutely was just so powerful and still is for those of a certain of the best lines in a very popular song best sums up the loss of innocence in what a 5 year period... Don McLean sang it "the 3 men I admire most the father,son and the holy ghost they caught the last train for the coast the day the music died"...JFK,Mlk AND Bobby Kennedy that line/lyric says it all.....Cheers..
I never begrudge any win and to say let's take care of business and actually do it as we have seen to often in the past is easier said then done..I like how Casey has been coaching the last game and a quarter..I have been hard on him for not coaching both ends of the court but lately he has, as Novak stretches D's and has a very useful purpose... also in your gamer there were actually some quotes regarding the offense from Casey, as the offense is finding it's legs and part of that has been in him allowing it to ...another thing I liked about last nights game is that the Raps never played down to their opponent which is far too easy to do, it was a solid road win, how often in the last 2 years have those words been spoken regarding the Raps...ok cheers..
what happened to your Q and A ??..I can't find it anywhere in the star...did you have one today...cheers... Blogger's note: I did, there were some issues back home; I'll find it for the morning
those Blazers are eliciting a lot of responses the last few days, 1st they made your blog blow up yesterday with a anti-Raps rage, then today people are calling for Kidd's head as they lost to the Blazers last night..did anyone ever think that those Blazers are dam good, they are one of the best TEAMS I have seen in a long ,long time..they remind me of the Rockets team with Scola,Artest a few years ago that had a long run in the playoffs,,,their legit and a team I'd pay to watch every night....they play both ends of the court,share the ball and are superbly coached, there legit...I am tired of the Fords, and there just embarrassing themselves further with all this media they are doing, they really don't have a clue and their act in council yesterday just said it all...cheers..
@LeeZ it's all good as your opinion is your opinion...what I don't get is all the angst on here today, we played a fine game yesterday against one of the best TEAMS I have seen in awhile, those Blazers are a well coached cohesive unit with a boatload of talent to boot...then too read on here some of the comments just leave me shaking my head, make JV the focus of the offense, play Ross in Gay's place, tear it up...all crazy statements....people are angry and frustrated with the Raps I get that as am I, as they have been this way forever it seems, but that is not the present group of players fault, there 2 totally separate arguments...this group played a solid game yesterday and Lillard's bomb in OT was the difference and game changer in my opinion....what this team/organization needs is a level head moving forward and Masai is it, there are no quick fixes or is what it is, frustrating yes, but it's the present reality ...cheers..
@LeeZ don't know what games your watching but it isn't the Raptors games...Rudy is in a virtual tie with JV as our leading rebounder, he constantly goes against others teams best wing on defense and you lost the whole point you were trying to make when you said to paraphrase the only reason we aren't winning handily is because of Gay, thats just bizarre...that statement not only makes no sense whatsoever but negates anything you have to say ....and what further intriques me is that when DD scored his 37 or some odd points against the Bulls he had 1 assist and one rebound and played atrocious D...he is one dimensional he proves it night after night, for whatever reason rules seem to change with fans, as if that was Barg's line people would be all over him with DD people say he had a whale of a game...come on let's get real...DD will be first to go if Masai had his druthers it's a no-brainer...he'd be a good trade piece for the Rockets/Bulls/Thunder, one dimensional scorer...cheers..
in terms of "tearing it down" I feel someone needs to throw in a a pragmatic point of view...there are a few factors involved,... first the CBA and finding exact trade matches that don't contravene the agreement is not easy to is you have to find a willing trading partner that is interested in what you offer and visa versa, again not you have to get players in return that are under contract for the forseeable future or your just spinning your wheels...then to do that as the GM, Masai in this case you have to maintain flexibility in your cap space moving you want me to go on?? as there are many more points against the argument of "tearing it down"..this is not a fantasy league it's a complicated process, you build gradually, with the exchanging of assets/players in a disciplined,patient not do so would be and is just foolhardy...cheers..
good little clip here on the Doc speaking on how he got his nickname...smoothest player/dunker ever, he came closest to man imitating and capturing flight....cheers
you can catch up on Breaking Bad and as you get into it you'll be hooked..Games of Thrones is superb only 2 seasons thus far and new one commences in january...@Rob V to "tear down" is ludicrous and JV is not close to being a prime time player where you run the offense thru him where he is at and how he is being used is fine at this point...Lowry had a heckuva game yesterday and Gay does a lot of little things well that people either don't want to notice or won't give him credit for..DD is the one I would trade as he is a liability moreso then he is a asset moving forward...and I tip my hat to Casey he finally coached both ends in last 3 minutes....cheers..
Raps lost but finally Casey coached both ends of floor...he waited until last 3 minutes of game but he did it, we all know your a coaching apologist...(as far as your concerned Sam Michell would be a head coach again as would Butch Carter) they aren't for a reason and that saying you have "a coach gets to much credit when a team wins' is baloney...the best coach ever bar none was Phil Jackson as he coached both ends of the floor and the locker room...coaching does matter plain and simple, and I know you edit comments to make your points but I was right as were other bloggers, there was no reason not to play Novak, none...then finally Casey for whatever reasons decided to coach both ends...defense is a part of the game not the whole game, it's not rocket science...he should have did the same in the Pacers game..I don't have this "pathological' hate for Casey, all I want him to do is coach BOTH ENDS...I don't kiss ass ...the Raps haven't had a true HEAD COACH in years if ever...maybe we should try if anything just to save you...cheers..
p.s. anyone that questions Rose's importance to the Bulls or whether they really need him needed to watch him last night as he personally destroyed the Pacers as a one man wrecking crew...without him the Bulls are alright, with him they could go all the way...cheers..
Chicago is the best, hands down best city to walk around in,they just have to do something with their murder rate...@Lori good old Wortley road village I attended Wortley road public school and we lived In old south for my "formative" years,for about 18 years or so ..remember going to St.James Westminster on Askin street every Sunday with my sibs and getting many a look from my father to settle down and thats where his funeral service was held many years buddy and I flipped a couple houses on Askin and Euclid avenue,,,it is a great neighborhood, plus they did a good job turning the old Baptist church into condos...thanks for the memories...and Jordan choosing the team he did shows why he was a winner, look at the team he chose, not a weakness and it has all potential scenarios covered, plus Bill Simmons is off base as how can someone be "wrong" in choosing THEIR team, I am less and less of a Bill Simmons fan he should have stuck to print, he doesn't do well on television....ok cheers..
further to this whole tanking argument is that let's say for argument sakes the Raps decide to go into full tank mode...which would mean getting rid of Gay/DD and Lowry, as the rest are disposable players that fall off the trees except for JV who you have to let's say it works and you get a high draft pick in next years discussion i never see made is the environment and team that drafted player goes to is paramount to his success ...(as Anthony Bennett shows as I would never,ever allow Mike Brown to coach that kid or Irving as he will preclude them from growing or developing properly) then next year the raptors have a 18/19 year old kid that would come into a situation that is a bad team, it's not only counter-productive but believe me your then looking at a 4 year plan to make your team competitive again addition by subtraction is not the way to build a NBA team , I read a article and I wish I had bookmarked it as it states that historically teams that tank don't succeed and I believe it as I have seen it first build incrementally in my opinion and have a solid coach who teaches and coaches the whole court...cheers..
best Make-A-Wish- foundation event the people of San Fran need to be applauded for coming out in droves to support BatKid....this is just good stuff..
I meant from the 2:50 second mark for the Stewart vid...ok cheers..
from grade 9 on I always wore a white t-shirt under my jersey and I loved it...but those jerseys are just ugly...this is a classic piece from Jon Stewart on Ford he did during last nights have to sit back and laugh at some point and this will make you do it, it commences from approx. 3:50 is funny...cheers
the province has to step in in regards to Ford, it's just unbelievable now, and todays use of sexually explicit language is just way,way,way over the top...he has to are tired of the use of "nation" me I am tired of guys/couples whomever using the term "man cave" especially a family guy, when I was young we called it a family room/rec hear a 40 year old or some odd guy talking about his "man cave" just irritates me to no end for some reason...Raps did play well last night, in regards to Caseys coaching all I can say is in Vegas even a one-armed bandit pays off once in awhile...ok cheers..
I must say those 3 freshmen were impressive...Wiggins really impressed me as he really is a team guy, and just seemed to be part of a system...Parker was looking for his own too much, and Randle is off the charts....I don't care who goes 1st and far too much will be made of it in the next few months...I am not a college hoops fan anymore as like you said it's really over-coached and coaches get far too much credit in the NCAA and no criticism from announcers at's like they walk on water....but having said that those 2 games last night were exceptional entertainment, and all the players all 11 or so 1st round picks lived up to their was a glorious night of b-ball....cheers,,
p.s. I know there is a dislike for college ball out there and I am one of them...but tonight is unique and must-see a Chicago tourney Kentucky is playing Michigan State...followed by after that game Duke-Kansas...what a doubleheader with 11 projected 1st round picks playing highlighted by Wiggins at 1 spot and Randle of Kentucky is 2nd overall those that want a glimpse of the draft there it is right in front of you tonight..cheers..
I believe what you say that Casey is imploring them on the offensive end to do this and that...but I also believe through watching that we virtually run no scripted offense, it's like a free for all out there...DD has been disappointing to me, Gay has been firing blanks but he is playing solid defense and hitting the boards, his effort level is fine...what no one has touched on is this, how can a fellow get paid 88 million and not be able to shoot FT's, Howard will and has killed the Rockets, like last night down the stretch, he was what 4-12 last night...he can't be on the court in the last minute of a game, which negates his's why I as a owner/GM wouldn't sign him, he HAS to learn to shoot FT's...and why wasn't Novak dressed??...Casey just rankles me, look at Mark Jackson and Jeff Hornacek 2 ex-offensive players and their doing a fine job...I wish in hindsight we'd have kept Jay and hired a solid defensive coach we'd be way ahead...oh well it is what it is...cheers...oh and that ISO play was just plain ludicrous....
@john I do get that all the money raised from the poppy sales goes to veterans and this year approx. 14 mill was raised and I put money into a few point is exactly that, is that veterans shouldn't have to rely on those funds solely...the federal government should be supporting them far greater then they are and in fact restore many of the pension/medical cuts they have beef with Cherry is this yes he has been a outspoken supporter of veterans, but he aligns himself with his political views with the very ones that are turning their backs on the veterans, if he really cares he should as he does on his soapbox, really vouch for the veterans...that is my point so it is hypocrisy....good Raps game...into 2nd O.T....cheers..