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Ferrell Navin
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Hi Monica, Embellished duels with Eleanor with hard-hitting conservative jargon, disarming her not only with your feline fashioned good-looks and mental acuity, but with the intellectual finesse of her favorite shining soul of mental mediocrity, William F., Talk to Me God Eli, Buckley, keeps me tuning in more than our host’s wonderful departing words, “BBBBBBBYYYYYYYE, BBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYe.” Billy Boy Clinton, a.k.a., "Edwards' Mentor” should find his fanny behind bars before Hillary buffaloes into her first primary. Helping or hurting her chances, is anyone's guess. A Politician prodded those felonious farts, fastened firmly in their Pharisaical, farcical facades with a baited barb and you denounce him, “anti-American?” Can’t win em all. Til then. Yours,
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2010 on The Dog That Didn't Bark at Monica Crowley
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Jan 31, 2010