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What about the Brick and Mortar stores like Family Video? It will not influence me to purchase the disk. Why would I pay 20 bucks to see a movie one time when I can just wait and rent it.
I would pay up to 20 a month and drop Netflix until I ran out of stuff to watch on HBO GO.
They don't listen to there customers. Millions of us told Netflix the new user interface sucks and they ignored us. Why?Millions of us said a 60% price increase was unacceptable and they ignored us. The result was millions of us took a long hard look at what we were paying for and we adjusted are plans accordingly. What did they think was going to happen. I went from paying 22 or something a month to 7.99. If everyone did that then the stocks are going to go even lower. Mwahahaha
I would have rather seen that money go to netflix so they could buy up more content for south Africa.
Thanks for posting this. I love great shows and after I saw this I checked it out. I watched all 3 seasons in a few days. One of the best shows I ever seen. Thanks.
SPARTACUS. I tuned in every week to see this show air on netflix. During the time that show was coming out fresh on Netflix I was extremely happy with the value that was 9.99 a month. I'm going to miss it and I hope that they can make a deal for at least that show.
Is it possible for foreigners in America to get the foreign content. This would be great for most of southern Californians.
I'm on the 7.99 plan and can stream on 2 devices at one time. I'm often not able to get on because there are already 2 devices running it in the house by family members. When I was on the 3 at a time disk by mail I never had this problem. I have long thought that Netflix was intentionally letting people get more devices at once than they paid for on purpose to make the customer happy and at the same time gyp there content providers somehow.
I always wished that they would raise the price of netflix so that we could get more premium content. I'm glad that they are expanding, good for them. I'm just wondering if its normal to take from one group to expand into another group. If I owned say a burger shop would I get away with raising the price for a hamburger from 4 to 8 bucks so that I could go open a burger shop in another town and sell them for 5 bucks. I'm a little confused as to the logic of all this. If I wanted to open another burger shop I would have saved up and used my savings to open another shop. Netflix has done something seriously strange here. They are gambling that there customers will very willingly bankroll there expansion so that there is no decrease in revenue for there company during this time of transition. I only wish that the price increase was to get more premium content instead of getting stuff for other countries.
Since I love the Instant Streaming I switched from 3 at a time to Streaming ONLY ! I save 18 dollars a month this way. Netflix did me a favor. They opened my eyes to how foolish it is to think that I can actually find enough movies each month to rent that would justify my being a disk member any longer. I will have a hard time spending 18 a month at the redbox since there really isn't a whole lot of new stuff I want to see each month. There are alternatives to disk rentals and Netflix has pushed to far with this increase in price to justify having the disk part of the plan. I may come back to the disk side of the plan after enough new movies come out that I could take advantage of the fast shipping and turnaround times that netflix has. Until then good luck in South America and South Korea and Japan!
I use Google News on the PC and Xbox 360 MSNBC channel on the TV. I also get the standard over the air channels that show news at 5 and 11 oclock. I cut the cable cord about a year ago. I save about 80 Bucks a year which I use for Netflix, Hulu Plus, Xbox Zune. I cut the DVD by mail now that the prices went up. I used to be a 3 at a time member now Im a RedBox Member. Although I do hate the late fees.
Now I see why so many insiders went on selling Tons of there shares last month.
In order to expand into Japan and South Korea Netflix will need to invest huge amounts of there money into new content that those people will want to watch. I don't know where they will get that kind of extra money without raising the rates on the US customer. I mean there stock value would really take a hit if they don't think to raise the price on US customers before they do that. I hope the price doesn't go up but it probably will! OH wait, it did! And will we get new and better content? Fuck No! South America and fucking Korea will get a shit ton of Jakie fucking chan shit.
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Aug 18, 2011