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The political comments from readers on this article are disappointing to me. Not because I disagree with Dan Burns (I believe his intuition got it right) or that I feel political opinions are not relevant to the vaccination issue, they are. No, I am a little disappointed that many are not looking for substance from Trump and the other candidates, a track record if you will. Rather it seems many are influenced by the political show intended to distract us from a real candidate that the establishment absolutely does not want you to hear from or know about. That is Sen. Ted Cruz. Ever wonder why FOX News minimizes his exposure on their network? One commenter here mentioned a couple of candidates and then ended with that he doesn’t know much about Ted Cruz. Well, why not? Here’s his resume: Trump says what many of us feel, but how many times have we been down that road, talk is cheap and the his only track record has not served in favor of American citizens’ interests; Sen. Rand Paul I believe is a good man, but he is definitely not his father; Dr. Ben Carson is also a good man, but pro-mandatory vaccines, so maybe he could be misled in other ways, as well; Jeb Bush, really? He’s one of a long line of Globalists. Sen. Marco Rubio calls for a New American Century—that’s code for Globalist intervention. Sen. Ted Cruz is not controlled by the establishment, represents the people, knows the Constitution, is an attorney, and most importantly he has always done what he says he will do.
“Let's move on from the vaccines-cause-autism debate and move forward with understand[ing] the genes involved in these behavioral diseases.” There we have it from Mr. Unidentified Ph.D. Scientist. Let’s move away from the “vaccine-causes-autism debate” and focus our efforts in a plausible direction directed away from the cause of this genetic damage. Yes, Qwerty sounds authentic, but he’s not. Kim’s analogy is very similar to Craig Roberts’ analysis of the OKC bombing vs the JFK assassination, and now vs autism epidemic: Direct them away from the truth.
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Qwerty, My guess is you’re fairly traditional in your choice of uninformed views, unless, of course, you’re simply another disinformation expert trying to portray AoA writers as a group of radical conspiracy theorists. Although I may not agree entirely with Kim’s analogy, there are physicians and directors at the highest levels that do suppress and redirect legitimate investigative research into the true causes of and alternative treatments for autism. The same also implement and enforce medical policies that are advancing the autism epidemic. However, the vast majority of medical physicians with regard to vaccines and autism are just pawns of ignorance. Kim also appears to be correct with her analogy to OKC in ways she may not realize. Craig Roberts was one of the investigators. In his article “Oswald and Dealey Plaza vs. McVeigh and the OKC Bombing” (, February 17, 2005), he covers the eerie similarities, which is similar to the methods used to suppress knowledge and evidence of the autism epidemic. I think that is what she was driving at. You may even find it interesting. As for being a “scientist” who studies the human immune system, that’s great, if you are what you claim to be. But Africans in remote villages receiving one rotavirus vaccine is not quite the same as a new born infant getting a Hepatitis B vaccine with 225 mcg of aluminum and genetically engineered yeast then followed with a barrage of vaccines given simultaneously into an undeveloped immune system and BBB within the first year. Why don’t you drop your card since you’re “just passing through.” I would be interested in reviewing your work.
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Anne, you’re a first class investigative journalist with uncompromised integrity. Although the respected Mr. Moyer may also be a first class investigative reporter, he certainly lacks in the integrity department. This may seem somewhat judgmental, yet it is impossible for someone with an open mind to ignore the mountains of scientific facts and evidence that you reference in your article, which will go largely ignored by Moyer, as well as our health agencies and medical practitioners. You stated: “What is a mystery to me as someone who has long followed press coverage of the controversy over vaccines and autism, is your unwavering trust in health officials and mainstream medicine when it comes to vaccine safety.” It’s not a mystery, he’s been compromised. But of course, I realize you were being gracious. Likewise, it’s not a mystery what would happen if he were to speak against vaccines-- his career would be over. Maybe one day he’ll come forward with the truth as some retired generals have spoken out on previously undisclosed coverups and agendas. Sadly, they weren’t man enough to say something during active service. Moyer would fall into that same category. Moyer using “Contagion” as a reference is clearly the same strategy employed by the CDC to promote public fear and panic to surge vaccine compliance. This was my take on the film in part 2 of an article regarding the “CDC’s Preparation 101: Zombie Apocalypse” propaganda: “As if zombies coming directly out of the CDC weren’t bad enough, keep in mind the CDC also operates under the guise of film ‘entertainment.’ In a continuing effort to saturate your mind with images of viral pandemic horrors, a few of Hollywood’s finest were called to portray an updated bird flu version. The future release of ‘Contagion' comes just in time to wreak psychological pandemonium on audiences before the next flu season strikes. The film offers this line by accomplished actor Laurence Fishburne from the trailer of terror that the CDC is hoping you will ingrain in your brain: “Someone doesn’t have to weaponize the bird flu, the birds are doing that.” Sure. And someone doesn’t have to terrorize you to vaccinate for the flu, the CDC is doing that! Without a doubt, the plague of propaganda will be the only real ‘contagion’ in this movie.” Then there is Moyer’s shameful investigative research that entirely misses the basis of herd immunity. Vaccinating to build herd immunity is a perversion of the early 1900s epidemiology study which was based on naturally acquired immunity, meaning people contracted the disease resulting with life-long immunity. The original study noted that if 68% of the population contracted the disease then no epidemic would result. It had nothing to do with vaccines. Vaccinationists latched on to this study and bumped up the requirement to vaccinate 95% of the population to attain “herd immunity,” which is based on nothing! There isn’t a single scientific study to support this claim. It’s entirely fabricated. Natural immunity provides lifelong protection where vaccines last only 2 to 10 years at best, if they “work” at all, and they “work” only 60-70% of the time according to Dr. Blaylock’s research.
James, The Denmark study is a fraud and invalid. The incidence of autism increased with the withdrawal of thimerosal from all vaccines because another large Copenhagen clinic was added the study in 1992 at the same time. Then in 1995 other outpatient clinics were added. The growing numbers of autism were due to the increase of patients into the study base. What kind of study changes the patient base during the study, and at the same time withdrawals thimerosal? Only those who know how to manipulate studies. Also, if I may quote Dr. Boyd Haley on another aspect of the Danish study, “I have been calling this work fraud every since it came out, even at the 2004 IOM Committee meeting where Dr. Marie McCormick ended my questioning of Dr. Hviid, who was presenting the Danish data, because he would not, or could not tell me the autism rates in the USA vs Denmark---he feigned not understanding my question because, as shown in their graph above, the maximum rate of autism was less than 4/10,000 in Denmark in 2000 whereas in the USA the rate was 67/10,000 having increased from about 3-4/10,000 from 1985 and earlier. This makes all the Danish studies invalid, it is like studying the effect of mosquitoes on the spread of malaria and doing the studies in Alaska instead of Panama. The colored arrows and comments were put in this slide by me to show how this data was manipulated to appear to cause an increase in autism rate after the removal of thimerosal. One educated in epidemiological sciences has to be really incompetent to not find this deceptive utilization of the Danish data-----this apparently includes the responsible individuals at the CDC and in the AAP.” Of course, then an author of some of the key Danish studies vanished. “Key pro-vaccine studies in The Journal of the American Medical Association, The American Journal of Preventative Medicine and the American Medical Association appearing to show no link between autism and mercury have also been based on the Danish data. The validity of all these studies will also now be called into question.” MMR is a live vaccine and doesn’t contain thimerosal. Therefore, MMR would not necessarily be associated with the rise of autism in Canada due thimerosal. However, it can and does cause adverse events via its biological constituents. Other vaccines did and still DO contain thimerosal, such as tetanus, HIB, meningococcal, and seasonal flu and swine flu, and at high levels; up to 25 mcg, which translates to as much as 50,000 ppb. I think that’s a fairly significant factor that could induce the onset of neurological disorders considering Hg will destroy neurite membrane structures at 20 ppb. So when the Hg was removed from vaccines, it wasn’t removed from all vaccines. In addition, there other toxic elements added that are just as neurologically damaging. The Hepatitis B vaccine given to infants for absolutely no reason now contains 225 mcg. of aluminum. Keep in mind they receive 3 doses of this. And then what study proves the safety of multiple vaccine interactions? James, anyone can read propaganda, but not everyone has a mind to do the research and get the facts. If you were to carefully examine ALL of the information available you may unintentionally develop an attitude of humility. It would be incorrect and somewhat arrogant to assume that everyone submitting comments on this site is an idiot. Dr. Stephen C. L'Hommedieu
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Apr 13, 2011