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Where is this from originally? I'd like to cite a source if I use it.
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Sorry. Don't agree. You raise an interesting point about time, but use it only to justify your interpretation of asynchrony, despite the fact that others on the original blog entry disagreed. These are, in my opinion, linked but not causal or mutually exclusive. Nor are, as you imply, others confusing what you think synchrony to mean. They just don't agree. Access to knowledge as much as ability to act denote synchrony. If I'm sat opposite you across a chess board much information is simultaneous, even with turn taking. Making it PBM means that someone has more information for a time. Even the lag of a slow connection to an FPS multiplayer match has to be accounted for. It's a continuum. Maybe that's where the problem with shared definitions lies?
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Aug 8, 2011