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Yes, I should read more before I ask such questions, I just found the other thread :) Thanks!
Is Petermann calving again? Or is it shadows or something?
"showing progressive recovery of the anomaly" ...yes, it might now be less than 3 standard deviations below the (sharply declining) linear trend. I don't know whether George Phillies intended it this way, but when I see the word "recovery" in this context I seem to automatically interpret it as denial/wishful thinking. Either that or ironic humor.
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2012 on Cycle plots of Arctic sea ice at Arctic Sea Ice
Hmm, yes, I hadn't considered the depth of the water there. In fact I hadn't considered much of anything at all, except the vision in my mind of steam billowing off the oozing lava :)
"These ridges don't often produce big earthquakes like this." Maybe we're about to get a new volcanic island! Who gets it? Norway maybe? I'm kidding of course, I have no clue whether an earthquake like this would have anything to do with an eruption...but there are a lot of volcanic islands around there...and it would be exciting :-)
Neven said: "BTW, I wonder when the media is going to pick up on this..." Here in the US, my guess is: only after a record low extent is reached, media will _briefly_ pick up on it, complete with commentary from a prominent "skeptic" about how it doesn't really mean anything since the arctic low is, after all "just weather" and not "climate."
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Aug 6, 2012