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It does offer 5.1 audio it should show if it's available under the description of the movie. I've been watching LOST and it is in 5.1 audio. Also in the space for audio/subtitle options.
@Mark12547 I don't want to be the girl that points out the obvious that you have probably already done, but have you power cycled your roku? It seems to always fix any issues I have with mine. Also as for sony non ps3 devices I would never purchase one for myself for streaming with netflix. For one the interface is terrible although it did just recently get the suggestions and search, but they seem to re-buffer more than any other devices. (My boyfriend and I test this stuff) The sony blu-ray player we tested would re-buffer on a hardwired Comcast 20mbps connection, where the Samsung/LG/Vizio models we tested played HD without re-buffering at all on a wireless connection. Just seems to be a trend. Sony makes great products, but not really for Netflix streaming.
My webpage was acting funny too. I called customer service and they had me delete my netflix cookies and sign back in. Seemed to fix everything on my side.
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May 24, 2011