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So the situation in Egypt is such that once they get rid of the "disruption" caused by "peace" with Israel, Egypt will immediately return to its ancient glory? Oh wait...they got rid of Israelites once before... how did that turn out?
So how has this worthless ignorant foreign thing become so skilled in U.S. jailhouse law alluvasudden??? Yeah, we know who's helping him....
Hit by a missile, eh? Musta been one of them "dummy warheads"... The problem is that Israelis need to start engaging in "strike swarming", and throwing accident victims into the pictures...
Of course the joke of the juvenile was to call it "Tampon". Unfortunately (like New Jersey jokes), it appears that that once nice town is becoming more and more like a bloody rag...
Apologize to THEM? Apologize TO THEM??? When is the WORLD going to apologize to us Jews for the 3,000+ years of persecution and prosecution they've foisted on US? Did the nazis apologize? Did the KKK apologize? Did the European pogromists apoligize? Did the "crusaders" apoligize? Did the Romans apologize? Etc. Etc. Etc. When the haters of the world apologize to us, we Jews will examine our history and see if we actually owe anything to anyone...and we'll find absolutely nothing to apologize for. And of course, islam owes 1,400 years of apologies to an awful lot of folks...
Got dang it stop saying "The prophet mohammed", unless you say "The Prophet Moses", or "The Prophet Abraham" etc. Of course, it could actually be "the profit mohammed"... which is more accurate as to what he did, of course.
So what part did she and her 17 year old son have in the evil dancing women plot, that they both deserved punishment (meted out in the form of her 17 year old son being dead)?
"Booking photographs"... those are photos taken when someone is arrested, right? For committing crimes, right? Religious criminals. Gotta love it. So they didn't find God in prison, they found Him in the back seat of a squad car, on their way to booking...
If you carefully watch the video that is available, especially in slo-mo, you will notice that it appears some Orthodox Jews (not clear if they are Chassidic or not- they have yarmulke's and tzitzit strings, along with peyot (side curls), but no vests or coats-- they could be something other than Chassidic. Irrelevant really.) run towards the camera while an individual in a grey and black outfit (hoodie?) appears to be throwing something AT THEM, with the police in the background. We need more video or reliable eye-witness accounts as to what was actually going on at the place at that time before a judgment can be made. The ultimate point, though, is of course, why Jews (or Hindus) would be specifically called out as being in the crowd with the implication that they were "jeering" police, while no mention of any other religion, race, creed, etc. was mentioned in the original report. (The report has of course been edited to now mention the mysterious "Asian" group).
"by submitting evidence and arguments in support of registration." All you have to do is submit the koran and hadiths- pointing out such tasty nuggets as "the day [of Judgment] will not come about until you fight the Jews and kill them. This most certainly seems to fit their dictionary definitions that "impl[y] that Islam is associated with violence and threats."
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But see, CAIR IS all-encompassing, loving, and tolerant: their "Civil Rights Director" is a WOMAN named CHRISTina !!
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2010 on CAIR Lawfare Seminars at Atlas Shrugs
Twenty years ago, when I lived near Orlando, we called that rag the Orlando Slantinel for its obvious anti-Israel, pro-anti-american, pro-islamic-terrorist bias. So where is all this "Jew media" that supposedly is all pro-Israel and what not? NY Slimes - nope LA Slimes - nope Orlando Slantinel (or any of the other many, many Tribune owned papers) - nope Washington Post - nope NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, BBC, PBS - nope nope nope nope nope nope Hmmm.....
As if foreign muslims don't already own enough convenience stores, hotels/motels, newsstands, taxi cabs, and other CASH businesses in the USA, that never seem to have need of any employees not "of their kind"?
The Rubbishkan clan is a bunch of money grubbing crooked shtunks, who bring a great Chillul Hashem (desecration of God's name) to the rest of us Jews by their crooked, evil, illegal tactics. Doesn't matter how much "charity" he gave if the gains were ill gotten. He deserves punishment for what he did... but as someone else pointed out above, not life in prison. That's just nuts.
"may be offensive to islam"... As if lumping Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Moses in with that floating turd mo' (please shit upon him) ISN'T offensive to Jews & Christians???
"the world would never see peace as long as the Koran existed." 70 years later, and we're still waiting... Of course, for 1,400 years of the koran, we've been awaiting peace...
SO Mr. Richard Jordan- you are qualified to speak about Islam because ... ??? You've read the koran and hadiths, then? So what say you on the lovely hadiths like "the day [of judgement] will not come about until you fight the Jews and kill them". Yeah, I thought so. You don't even know what a "hadith" is. Bereshis (genesis) 22:2: "Take your son, your ONLY son, Isaac, whom you love" So then, what's your point, Mr. Lutheran Pastor? That WE, HERE, are filled with "hatred and ignorance" and it is "consuming" us?!? Why not explain then why your beloved Red Cross has Red Crescents, but no Red Stars? It's not about hate, it's about living, and not marching into ovens again, for anybody, ever.
ACLU: American Criminal "Liberties" Union How come it seems like all we ever hear of the ACLU is them rushing, nee DIVING headfirst to "defend and protect" the worst of the worst? Always with the claim "we must fight this before it gets the truly innocent". Uh, yeah. Of course, there may be a clue hidden somewhere in this: said Jameel Jaffer, director of the ACLU National Security Project. "Jameel, origin: Arabic, meaning "handsome""
Ah, that old islamic "logic"- "we are not violent, and if you say we are, we... KILL YOU!"
"What's next to my bed ............." Most Darling Pam!! Please! You might wanna re-phrase that! oink oink (yeah I'm a man...I'm a pig... so sorry!)
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I still don't understand... wasn't the "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" invented for the sole purpose of separating the Hindus and muslims? So WTF are muslims still doing in India, causing non-stop chaos? How many non-muslims are in Pakistan, causing non-stop chaos???
Yes, kill all the Whites in Africa so the Black natives can return it to the advanced, civilized paradise it was before the whitey invasion... oh... wait... sorry....
I also sent a letter of support to His Honor... and I'm an Orthodox Jew. I suggested we file a civil rights suit against ISLAM for haddiths such as "The day [of judgement] will not come about until you fight the Jews and KILL them". I requested he stand by his principles as an AMERICAN and a Christian, and fear GOD, not MAN. And as for the muslims- F**K THEM.
Of course we just don't know all of the facts. Some telling info: these various people were fired sometime over the course of last year, possibly starting all the way back in Jan. 2009... yet they "continue to gather weekly at a cramped apartment and talk of their hopes of getting new jobs"... so how does sitting around with a bunch of fellow unemployed individuals every week increase one's chances of getting a new job?!? Perhaps these people WERE lazy and/or incompetent, and so was previous management, or previous management was AFRAID to do anything about it, as so much management seems to be these days (lest they be accused of *shudder* RACISM!)...maybe new management is INDEED "cleaning shop" by getting rid of DEAD WEIGHT that can be replaced with better quality employees? Perhaps the new management ARE "rednecks" and racists, and just wanted to get rid of the "faces" they didn't like... We don't know from the info in the article, and we never will. Other than hidden camera evidence of employee activity, it is essentially one groups word against another...but unfortunately, the African muslims don't have a whole lot of precedent in their favor...
I heard on some news this morning that a federal judge could actually THROW OUT THE CHARGES, based on a claim that KSM et-al were "tortured"... I say, DO IT, then tell 'em they're free to walk out of the court, right there in Manny-hanny... I'll certainly join the crowd that bum rushes they asses...