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duchscherer is an intriguing name. i doubt the dodgers would be interested though. :-\
if correia and kelly johnson are non-tendered, i can see the dodgers taking a chance on them. i'd stay as far away from wang as possible if i were them.
U-ribe would be a perfect 5th infielder for LA. Cover 2b-ss-3b and add much needed pop off the bench. Posted by: shhango | December 09, 2009 at 04:59 PM they're looking at him and the others mentioned as the everyday 2b...
no, i don't agree with that logic because most players would prefer the years. "Free agent possibilities at second base: Ronnie Belliard, Juan Uribe, Craig Counsell and Jamey Carroll." thrilling...
rangers it is. nice signing...
dodgers! i wish... 1 yr low base salary with a ton of incentives? dodgers should have jumped all over something like this...
the pierre/guillen/d-lowe scenario isn't half bad, granted the dodgers have already been there, done that with lowe. but for anyone suggesting a pierre/guillen swap straight up being feasible, give it up. dodgers don't need him, and don't want him. they want starting pitching. so if there's no SP going back to LA in return, there will not be a deal. simple as that.
"Morosi tweets that Rich Harden is 'willing to sign a one-year deal with a lot of incentives.'" What are the Dodgers waiting for??? Jump on it, Ned! ***** A team like the LA Dodgers.. i can see a Pierre for Willis Swap.. but they should lookin 2 Willis 1st to see if he can actualy pitch again in MLB. Posted by: Barrettman | December 09, 2009 at 12:51 PM Screw that! Willis is a waste. I saw his downfall coming long before he was ever traded to Detroit and no one I talked to about it believed me.
I think they should let DeWitt take over at 2B. Trade JP for a back end bad contract pitcher. Let Xavier Paul be the 4th outfielder. Bring up Hu and sign Carrol and Ausmus for the bench. Hope for a rebound from Billz and Martin. Loney/Kemp/Ethier/Kershaw should continue to develop. Win the division and pray for luck in the playoffs. Hopefully the divorce/ownership is settled by then. Posted by: Andrew Wagner | December 08, 2009 at 03:17 PM You make it sounds so easy! :P
"On a related note, ESPN's Buster Olney says the Dodgers are 'essentially in lockdown financially.'" Shocker. Thanks Frank!
i meant "$20MM of the $40MM" that just came off the books*
they dont have to do much anyway. roughly $20mm of the $40mm will be reserved for the arbitration guys. they may not even find a suitable 2B and could go with dewitt. the rotation needs a couple of back-end guys, and there are plenty of guys out there they can find on short-term, incentive-based salaries to fill those last two slots. the bench needs to be retooled but that shouldn't take much, and they'll need a long-man in the pen. the core of the team is intact. anyone expecting them to make a big splash is kidding themselves.
they havent even signed the guy and people are going nuts over it... lol. and for the record, colletti never promised a "big splash" this winter.
Happ most likely got more votes because he played on a World Series team but the reality is that he wasn't as good as Hanson last year. Posted by: BravesAllTheWay | November 16, 2009 at 02:06 PM the votes were cast by the last day of the season. no one knew the phillies would be a world series team again this year.
Anyone picking Happ over Tommy Hanson isn't looking at the numbers. Hanson had a better K rate, lower era, lower whip, and allowed fewer home runs. He is superior on all fronts, minus one win. Posted by: rudolf | November 16, 2009 at 02:06 PM you're going to justify a .04 difference in era and .05 difference in whip as being superior considering the parks they pitch in? if you really want to be technical here about numbers, happ had a better era+ than hanson. happ also pitched in 13 more games and in 40 more innings than hanson in one of the premiere launching pads in the league. that would account for happ giving up more homeruns than hanson.
and by the way, the most useless award isn't this one, it's the gold glove award. that award lost ALL credibility when raffy palmeiro won in 1999 after playing in just 28 games at 1B.
i think they got bailey right in the AL. none of the other AL candidates stood out as deserving. i've seen people say porcello in detroit but his 4 era and 1.34 whip didn't impress me. i don't have an issue with coghlan in the NL but i still think it should have gone to happ. happ put up the same numbers as hanson and did it on for a playoff team and in a hitter's park.
my point is, why is kemp and ethier even being mentioned if people already know its a pipe dream or would never happen? one year of vaz isn't going to get you that kind of a hitter anyway.
and kemp's not a cf now, anyway. Posted by: apoxonbothyourhouses | November 13, 2009 at 10:08 AM You sure about that?
Luis Castillo? Seriously? That's pretty comical. (And thank God this is just a silly rumor.) Seriously, I can think of at least five better available options than this stiff. And Vaz to L.A. is a pipe-dream in every possible way. He already turned down a trade to the Dodgers a few years back, and he does have that no-trade clause to West teams for a reason. And Braves fans' wishful-thinking of Kemp or Ethier is pretty comical. It ain't happening... ever, specially for one year of Vaz. However, I can see the Braves moving Vaz since they have six starters at this point.
Do we have any idea or even any educated guesses as to who the two teams are? I can't even begin to figure out who they might be...
I wasn't talking about the last decade, I was talking about this year in reference to the Rangers. If they were so pitching strapped right now, you seriously think they cut Padilla in the middle of a playoff race? And the fact you compared Padilla to Manny is pretty comical. No one is making any assumptions that Padilla would be a "season changer" but the Dodgers are in desperate need of arms in the rotation. They need a veteran to provide them rotation depth, nothing more. And yeah, Padilla would be a great fit in NY. A guy with character issues in the Bronx? Who's gonna "manage" him, Girardi? Good luck there.
for a team that's desperate for arms in the rotation, i'm surprised the dodgers aren't taking a 6-week flyer on padilla. and since when are the rangers "pitching strapped"?
o's didnt get elbert... they got steve johnson and bell...