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Aw, berthaservant, I love ya. To tell the truth, you indimidate me a little, because you are *so* smart and funny and articulate and well-written and all..... but I love ya too. Panda-bear shaped? What's not to love?
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How perfect. The previous entry (precious puppy nosicle sleepiness) is labeled "Bokeh". Thinking it some other language term for "puppy", I Googled it. Got this: and this: So Dancing Mantis is also Bokeh! Cool, eh?
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2008 on Bring on Carnivale!!! at Cute Overload
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Somebody please very gently wipe off the teeny tiny itty bit of crustyness on the precious nosicle....
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2008 on Snorfable Morsel at Cute Overload
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