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Wow. I also don't have a "paid" email address - I haven't for eons having my own domains for over 10 years now. Many (maybe even most) professionals I know in the computer business use gmail and/or their work addresses. No idea how an Earthlink trumps that, or really makes a difference. There are much better ways of doing this! Putting on my "moderator of forum and email list communities both personally and professionally" hat: wow. And back when the fancy tools to deal with spam/trolls didn't exist! How strange and way over the top! K9KidneyDiet: yer doin' it wrong. -- Jen.
@Barbara - Agreed. I know this is straying even further, but society wound up with fluoride in our tap water by this same kind of logic. And the funny thing is, it does nothing for our teeth and is essentially poison (no escaping it without a whole house filter either - it will enter the system through skin in the shower). Freedom of choice about what we do for our own bodies or those of our dependents should be a fundamental right. This twisting of the truth, lies, misleading, and trying to "protect" removes that right.
The politics and corporate greed and agenda behind these altered studies or spins on the analysis make my blood boil. Not only that, but the attitude of vets propagating the false information to the masses. I'm not sure why it makes me angry enough to spend an hour responding to comments by anti-raw in a year old Readers Digest article,, but I did that a week or so ago! (Not only did the article promote avoiding raw, but was also anti-no kill... maybe that's why I spent so much time adding a dozen verbose comments on the matter). It's shocking how many vets believe pet guardians are not capable of understanding nutrition so processed food is the only valid option (and yet, we are capable of feeding ourselves and our children - but can't figure it out for our dogs and cats?) Anyway, thank you Christie for your level-headed and logical article on this study. -- Jen
Adorable! And it's probably for the cat (or kitty will make into a gift for kitty) :)
Wow, this is just so touching and timely. I simply love your writing, we've never met but I can relate so closely to what you say in your posts. And as I go through the most difficult couple years of my life it is so helpful and meaningful to me right now. I too, every day, think about running away from the bay area to simply escape and find a better place for us and the dogs. I traveled to be with my mother now, after just being laid off, to help her with my dads final weeks or days (we don't know). I can't really imagine what it will be like without her when that time comes. Or my dad, as that time is coming. I literally do not know what to think, or what to do. Not having my dogs here doesn't help! But your writing helps, and I thank you for that. - Jen.
That is horrible, and I'm sad to read about another corporation taking advantage of their (very talented) contractors. Thank you for speaking up and sharing this information, which will help others and hopefully even unite contractors and affect change.
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Aug 30, 2012