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USofafrica, like a prodigal son, come back home.There is absolutely no option for federation of the Southern cameroons with la Republique.We need all our brethren, even those with whom we have had serious arguments and disagreements .It is the acceptance of truth and reality.Like Dannyboy said,it is really boring talking about la republique intrigues.They are so macabre to the extent that they can inspire madness.One can actually go banana by pondering over the kind of tricks that la Republique under Biya regime plays.The deeds are unimaginably shocking, done as if every other person they are dealing with out of their cult government is a fool, so overt, dull and very uninteresting to follow.People of the Southern Cameroons have nothing to benefit from such a regime unless they want to satisfy personal and selfish motives at the expense of the future of the Southern Cameroons.We ought to be patriotic about our historical,cultural , legal and territorially defined nation of the Southern Cameroons with great regard for the future. La Republique is the lost nation Dr Che Sunday.The Southern Cameroons when administered as a state on its own even at its worst state of governance,its polity would surpass the best form of government that can ever be expected from la republique.The Southern Cameroons we are talking about is to be the prototype of true democracy in Africa.This is where our strength should empty, to realize this mission of reinstating our sovereign independence.History points to the fact that the Southern Cameroons ceteris paribus should have been amongst if not the first african countries to have independence.This is a nation that was founded in 1858 when missionaries under Joseph Merrick settled and bought land from Bakweri and Isubu chiefs and named it Victoria in honor of the queen of England, hoisted the British flag thereby puting it under the sphere of influence and jurisdiction of Britain.This was before the Berlin conference in 1884 which designated that area and east of it as German Kamerun.The Southern Cameroon therefore existed as distinct state prior to the notion of one german kamerun for about 3 decades .So when mr biya and his regime talk of one and indivisible cameroon having always existed,it is a historical distortion of fact.When France and Britain defeated Germany, a condominium was formed to govern the defunct german kamerun by both France and britain but was immediately aborted as France and Britain worked very hard to build their sphere of influence over their respective sides and also because of the conflicts that arose from the diffences in inherited socio-cultural and political ideology that both sides distinctly had.The Southern Cameroons had been culturally, politically cultivated in a british style in the time of the missionaries earlier mentioned under Joseph Merrick and furthermore under English baptist missionary Rev Alfred Saker.France and Britain understood the dangers that circumscribed any attempts at bringing together these people east and west of the mungo who had over decades been exposed to absolutely different historical, cultural,political , and territorial conceptions and ideologies.So from the very outset the issue of one cameroon was aborted and history has proven that any attempt at puting the two together in the form of unity or federalism is an absolute failure. We have seen it all.We all have to withdraw every dealing with la republique that stands against our nationalist movement for self determination and sovereign independence. Everybody is welcome back home to the Southern Cameroons.The struggle is our most legitimate fight to defend our God given rights. Long live the Southern Cameroons. Peace, Legima Doh, ScNc
I greatly the appreciate the heights that Njeuma could go to.Every sort of thing in the La Republique regime at the end boiled down to a daughter standing for the oppressor of her people and against the fight for liberation for her own people.Such greatest as described by Francis shall be considered a great treason.It doesn't matter whether it as a minister, a professor, a political bureau member and so forth.What is the overall legacy to her motherland?I left the answer to the forum. God bless our motherland. Legima Doh, ScNc,UK
Elecam is a subset of the Cpdm.Paul Biya is one of the most out of date presidents in the world.His end shall be worse than that of Pol Pot.I hear people call him Pol Po(t).That is the man whose foot steps he threads in.The Elecam is made of the best perpetrators of political adultery in the country.Now the regime's plan for a life long presidency for Paul Biya is so overt even to the eyes of the blind.I call on all brethren of our motherland to completely withdraw any involvement in the politics of la Republique.Flee from the devil to our land of safety which is the Southern Cameroons. God bless our motherland. Legima Doh, ScNc,UK
That was a nice piece Dr Tan.We are tired of the West heaping all sorts of ills on Africa in the name of diseases,poverty,now global warming and so on.Global warming first and foremost is a natural consequence of their lifestyle and not that of Africa.Global warming if extended to Africa follows from the consequences of their imperialist motives in play in Africa through the tyrannic and despotic leaders they put in place.Britain as I know has always been a very selfish nation from the outset of colonial days.How can they be talking about forestry conservation in Cameroon without talking about France deadly extraction of forest products through the monopoly of son of Paul Biya called Frank Biya?Britain today is in official recession.Those MPs should come back to Britain and tackle the recession.Simple petition that we put forward to her majesty's government to correct the mess they put our motherland in cannot be done promptly.The forest in Cameroon is Southern Cameroon property and any accomplice with La Republique is considered an attempt to foster the continuous theft of our natural resources.There is no conservation plan in the agenda of La Republique.The regime is bent on plundering all our natural resources.Its a shame. Our Land shall be saved Legima Doh, ScNc UK
strongly convinced he would be the better
Today marks the beginning of a new epoc in the history of mankind.Today,America has proven to be America,a land of great opportunities,a land that has walked through the shoddy days of racism to freedom and equality to this day at an extent unprecedented in any other part of the world.Today Barack Obama is president elect of the world's greatest nation the Unites States of America.Yes America has proven to be the cradle of hope wherein the barriers especially of skin colours have been broken and today's Obama victory is a crumble of racial barriers and prejudices that the world has witnessed.I want to thank America for giving a new image to the black man for the whole world to see by voting for Barack Obama who proved in the election campaigns to be the one to deliver than his rival.It is not because of skin colour that I greatly support Obama but because I was and am strongly he would be the better commander in chief of this great nation given the present system of things. Thank You America and God bless America! Legima Doh, ScNc
People of the Southern Cameroons,fellow comrades,on behalf of the dedicated freedom fighters for liberation of the Southern Cameroons,I want to make a clarion call for facts not to be misconstrued, for history not to be distorted and for wanton logic not to be introduced into the mainstream of the struggle.The struggle which is most legitimately and historically recognized as being under the aegis of the grand mother Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC),is aware of the existence of many wings vying for the liberation of the Southern Cameroons.These wings especially those abroad are wont to understand the patronage of the ScNc which ipso facto is the grand conductor and moderator for the liberation struggle.We acknowledge one destiny for the Southern Cameroons.We also acknowledge the need for effective communication,and undivided attention for the struggle.It is time the various wings out of good will address allegations put against them by the mother organization for the revamping of the entire struggle.I hereby call for dialogue for the purpose of strengthening,giving new strategies to the stuggle and setting out different modus operandi for the organization to forge forward.I appreciate the work of various wings but we also give great kudos to the freedom fighters at home. I want to warn detractors in this forum to cease from distorting facts and derailing the ideologies of the SCNC.We of the inner core of the ScNc understand greatly well our comrades.The attack that comrade Rexon is under is no bane to the effrontery we all have for the struggle.Watesih,you are not a mind reader unless you are a god.You do not know comrade Rexon.There is absolutely no logic in you attempt to smear comrade Rexon with links to the Cpdm/Sdf.This is an enormous absurdity given the knowledge I have about him.Such a fable is very uninteresting.You also said you would want him to match words to action and this is with regard to the ScNc I suppose.Watesih, the activism of Rexon in the ScNc is overt to all ScNc activists in the Scandinavia and the Uk and that is the message I took to the United States.I don't want to belabor on the countless and priceless contributions and support he has given and is still given to the ScNc in terms of financial support, material support, organizational support,moral support and otherwise.Any ScNc activist reading your garbage blackmail would simply dump your essay in a bin.Talk about the way forward of out motherland under the aegis of the Sdf and lets see if there is anything to take home from it.Attempting to link Rexon to USAfrica is a monstrous stupidity.This is one of the most incongruous and negatively and resolutely blind minds I have ever come across.His ideologies and heresies are in stark conflict with ours the comrades of the Southern cameroon.Our differences with his are irreconcilable. I therefore call for an immediate stop of all the smear campaigns against comrade Rexon.He is a comrade I have known from long ago.He has been very hardworking and his success has emanated entirely from his hard work and not from cpdm/Sdf.The ScNc recognizes Rexon as a grand moderator and contributor ,a person with commendable character whose participation and activism is always most solicited.We need more true comrades like MK,Ma Mary,Paa Ngembus,Tagro,Klemenceau,Njie,comrade Galabe and a host of them. While we take note of all distractions, we must stay ardently focused. God bless our mother land. Legima Doh, ScNc,New York
Shame to the state counsel and shame to all the so called lawyers for la Republique who could not even come up with at least a good lie charge against the heroes.It is clear the state counsel had no charge to met on them and had to rigmarole with idiotic and stale accusations against the heroes without any valid charge. God damn la republique. God bless the Southern Cameroons. Legima Doh, ScNc,London
SW from NW
That was great Enongene.You are greatly welcomed. The heroes of the ScNc who were arrested were released on bail on friday the 10th of this month after spending four days in jail and are due to appear in court on the 8th of December according to sources from the Southern Cameroons. USAfrica you could not deny the facts posed by Enongene.As a usual derailment of attention,you shifted from the main undeniable facts about the struggle to you everlasting negative attitude towards everything that is said by the comrades.It beats my imagination to hear u say,Southern Cameroons separates from La Republique, and then Southwest from the Northwest.Ha!How the hell can SW cut itself from SW?Did you mean from the Southern Cameroons?We have made it crystal clear to you that the divide and rule policy that Biya is using is the source of hatred that has been planted deep in the mindset of some southwest people and Northwest people like you.The agenda of the ScNc has no ploy of hatred between the peoples of the SW and the NW.The problem is known and understood to have been one of the weapon Mr Biya has been using to consolidate his colonization objective.True comrades and patriots of the Southern Cameroons must see it in this light and move beyond such shackles.We should be educating our fellow brethren on this rather that pouring such macabre declarations like yours.So the naivety is yours here.Both peoples from the NW and the SW have their shortcomings after been made to find themselves in such a divide and hatred by the La Republique regime.You sound like the NW people have no shortcomings in this light but the SW people have all the fault.That is not true.I am from the NW and was born and raised in Mutengene.I understand this NW SW issue so well.It is a secondary issue though not minimised by the ScNc. You very last statement is a treasonable reasoning from the raison d'etre of the ScNc and even from Enongene's posting.Something might be dangerously wrong with you.Rethink your ideas. God bless the Southern Cameroons. Legima Doh, ScNc,New York
Every now and then we get disheartened by fatal victimization of one or some of ours in La Republique issues.Look how maliciously Assama was treated.The doctors knew he was fro m the southern cameroons and so demonstrated a most celebrated level of xenophobia.How would a sane doctor deny a terminally injured person who still have the potential of surviving the treatment on grounds of money?How could the so called director of the hospital, or the governor or whoever in authority not have given the immediate go ahead of treatment to this innocent youth of ours?How sad?In so doing, the officials are in connivance with the regime's plan to deprive the Southern Cameroonians of every components of life including health care.Assama may your soul rest in peace and may the lord give comfort to your family members and all aggrieved by your demise.La Republique is guilty of bloodshed of our citizens and should be ready when they shall be haunted. Peace. Legima Doh, ScNc,New York
Thank your Francis.Now I could get something to take home from this comment.You have truly addressed and analyzed the issue of our fathers who had maliciously derailed from the part of truth and turned to egocentric aspirations.As much as you articulated on some serious problems to be considered, bear in mind that no such arguments can annul the raison d'etre, the legitimacy and validity of the Southern Cameroons struggle.Foncha, Muna and so on had been enmeshed in the la republique politics for their personal benefits and had reverted to the ScNc only when things became shoddy for them.This may be true and paints them black in that light but it did not and hitherto does not make the ScNc struggle illegitimate.I hope I explicated it well to you that a good lot of those named above witnessed all these give and take practices with la republique,prostitution with la republique but remained steadfast on the just course as soon as they started.We have many fellows who have committed treasonable acts against the Southern Cameroons no doubt but then we ought to give credit to those who have endured.The greatest hope and aspiration of every Southern Cameroonians is for the reinstatement and restoration of the complete independence,statehood and sovereignty of the Southern Cameroons and anything out of that is deception and futility.The kind of hope and aspiration you talk about within the confines or ambit of La Republique for Southern Cameroonians is what I call hopeless hope and vain aspiration. God bless the Southern Cameroons, Legima Doh, ScNc,Empire State
The forces of lawlessness and disorder continue to brutalize the patriots of our motherland.They continue to occupy the land and mistreat its people by showing blatant disrespect for the lives of the youths and the elders.When the youths partake in peaceful strikes,they are shot at with teargas shells and live bullets.When the patriots exercise their right of gathering, they are arrested without warrant , are treated disdainfully even without regard to their ages.I am giving a clarion call on the occupational regime to release these patriots and heroes of our motherland with immediate effect.They are law abiding and peace loving compatriots who are unmarred by the corruption and injustice of la republique.It is idiotic to say the lack identification documents when clearly they possess ID documents of the Southern Cameroons which is their legitimate nation.They are not of La Republique's.The charge of non possession of ID card is illegal because they possess their true ID cards,their meeting was peaceful and in line with right of association and they are not insolent to the forces of la republique.Instead these forces are blatantly insolent to the Southern Cameroons and its compatriots by standing on the way of their legitimate and just course for liberation.It is shocking for Mr Richard Fombon to be the one to go and ask idiotic questions to these heroes.You as a son of the Southern Cameroons standing against the liberation activities is absolute betrayal of your motherland because of a DO job from La Republique. The UN, the UK,the US and the rest of Europe,the whole world should know how Chief Ayamba Ette and the activists have been treated upon the return of Chief Ayamba from the UN, the UK and Belgium.This is gross violation of their human rights as la Republique has always done.I warn these forces to leave our motherland.I warn all the sell outs of our motherland to beware and to recant or to consider themselves enemies of our motherland and to await the retribution.We know what the forces of la republique are.A most unfit military force in the entire world who are only best at battling unarmed peacefully demonstrating students,unarmed patriotic elderly freedom fighters ,a force that cannot stand the sound of real bullet from thieves.We have always advocated for peace but before the circumstances push us to the wall to plunge into fierce and forceful response to this mistreatment,we send our signals of warning time and time again.The world does not want a worse than Rwanda genocide neither is it ready for it.So that is my warning to La Republique, the UN, the UK, the French government, the US, the ICJ and humanity.How on earth are Southern Cameroonians considered criminals for not possessing la Republique du Cameroon ID.On the other hand why would the Southern Cameroon not also criminalize la Republique du cameroun people for not possessing Southern Cameroon ID cards if these two are one as the fact is distorted and claimed?We want to have our identity unmitigated . To the Do, you are just new to the scene.The commissioner should know that Pa Sabum and the rest had been held in Kondengui for 2years and did not succumb to the huge sum of money that Mr Biya proposed to them to stop the liberation movement.They were under the ill treatment of colonels and generals who could do nothing but let them free after the UN pertitioned and pressured Biya to release them without preconditions.So you commissioner you are a mister nobody to try to deter their activism likewise you DO and the governor because your president himself could not stop them.You keep waisting your time.I remember the gendermerie commander in Tiko was sacked when the ScNc hoisted their flag in front of his office and was seen by the commissioner early in the morning.Mr Commissioner,yours will surely be even in your compound and then Biya will not only sack you but will also send you to jail.So to stay away from problem, keep away from intervening with the issues of the Southern Cameroons.These people are far beyond the ambits of your power. May God take charge of our great heroes in the hands of our enemies.Our struggle is based on the truth,God is true,therefore our struggle is based on God,therefore our struggle is in God and God is with our people in the struggle. Legima Doh, ScNc,Empire State
Go on Rexon, go on Casara,go on Mk,go on Delors,go on Watesih. Watesih,this was one of your most appreciated comments.It went through me like electric current reading your comment.You see some people are living in dangerous ignorance without knowledge of it.When they spread it,it is a hazard to the readers.I condemn Francis Nche for disloyalty to the citizenry of the elderly and to the Southern Cameroons nation.Disrespect for the elderly is a curse in our african tradition. I was shocked to read through such a preposterous comment from Francis Nche.Let me make it clear that these elders are highly venerable in our motherland.I am directly and indirectly of theirs and know them so well.These are elders a majority of whom have never worked as civil servants.Most of them are educated.They lived through the era of British Southern Cameroons prio to independence,through independence to pseudounification and then to the colonization referendum till date.They have gone through all sorts of mistreatments from the regime.Like other patriots,they had supported the SDf in the beginning but after coming to terms that it was futile behind the Sdf,had reverted to the only legitimate course for the Southern cameroons people.They have been in this struggle for long, from the time of JN Foncha,Albert Mukong,Ambassador Fosung,Justice Ebong Alobwede,Munzu,Prof Ayangwe,Chief Ngeka Luma to Chief Ayamba Ette.These are the select who have resisted all the machinations of the Biya regime to derail the liberation movement.They have resisted bribes offered by the Biya regime,they spent two years in Kondengui prison,they have been put behind bars in Tiko and Buea on several occasions.A handful of them took part in the declaration of independence in 1999 and hoisting of the Southern Cameroons flag in the Mungo bridge and in the Limbe Centenary stadium in direct confrontation with the la republique forces of lawlessness and disorder.These are elders who have risked their lives till date for the sake of the future of their children and children's children.If they were fighting to take care of themselves then reasonable it would be for them to stay calm and take care of their normal life demands rather than risk their lives given their ages.These are the true heroes of our motherland.Some of the elders we know deviated from the true course,were bought up by la republique and are now quietly living on the blood money from la Republique with no activism for the scNc and Justice Ebong is a prototype example.These same elders used to carry out activities with him but today he is in his mansion and growing fat while they are out there behind bars for the sake of justice. Francis Nche,you have to recant to avoid a curse from the Southern Cameroons land for betraying the custodians of the future of the motherland. That list is the list of the true heroes of our motherland and that goes down history of of the struggle of the Southern Cameroons.May God bless them, guide them and protect even amid the forces of la republique.They are some of our most valuable human resources. Go on Heroes! God bless our motherland. Legima Doh, ScNc,New York
correction, whose lips have now closed as if padlocked.
Kini you have written some good points here but u want to watch you tongue on the qualifications you give to the Southern Cameroons struggle.This is a period of constructive education about the historical facts, political aspirations and directions of the Southern Cameroons to the youths.The ScNc is not a perfect entity but the failings of some of its leaders cannot be used as tools to drag its name through such a mire.They come and derail but the legitimacy of the stuggle is immortal.It cannot be distorted nor destroyed.That is why even in the wake of people drifting apart due to selfish reason or so,before long right minded people are there and the speed with which the regeneration occurs is astonishing.You can count those names as those who have fallen from the reality but that of those who have stood on the truth till date and those who have died as martyrs on the truth are innumerable.Every struggle is fraught with black legs.I know of Elad Ekongtang so well, of Chief Oben, of Ambassador Fosung whose lips have not been closed as if padlocked.To me these are now nonentities about the struggle.Akwanga himself is without any commendable activism.But then, the struggle keep on forging forward,God blessing it and our motherland. Legima Doh, ScNc,New York
A country that denies inmates right to medical attention even at very dire moments.La republique considers even francophones who think contrary to the government's agenda as enemies.It considers anglophones who stand against their agenda of colonization as worst enemies.It is a wild contradiction that Sdf militants are detained for the death of an Sdf militant.This is blatant distortio of reality.It is absolutely out of touch with reality for the claim to be made that sdf militants killed one of theirs.The cpdm,the la republique military that is fraughted with the most uneducated and idiotic bullocks is responsible for the beating, shooting, maiming and killing of anybody who stands against the ideologies and objectives of their regime.When Sdf militants involve in demonstrations,they are attacked by the military idiots,when ScNc activists do peaceful demonstrations, they are attacked by these buffoons, when armless students undergo peaceful strikes,they are shot at with live bullets, when local villagers armed with the most rudiments of war equipment attack their soldiers they are killed as chickens,when thieves broke into banks in the Southern Cameroons, the soldiers hide themselves when the sound of serious bullets are heard.When a big bellied police officer in the police post is called at night to address the presence of thieves, he responds by saying he is alone in the police station.You find police officers all along road sides collecting bribes as if collecting alms giving.The country is a mess, a perfect example of how a country should not be.Please brethren of the Southern Cameroon, return home, get disentangled from the snares of la Republiqe politics, come back home and fight the just fight,the legitimate fight, the fight that is based on justice.It is more honorable to be killed for a just cause.Sdf has been reduced to an object of great ridicule,confusion and destruction of the people of the Southern Cameroons.May the soul of kom rest in peace.Let our people heed to the truth about this and stay clear from participation in la republique politics. Legima Doh, ScNc,New York
The conspiracy is serious but it is so poorly designed that even the blind can see,understand and unearth its intrigues.No gainsaying about the La Republique conspiracy against the Southern Cameroons.The mindset of the Southern Cameroon people is open,the truth is greatly unravelled, La Republique is vastly exposed and the vainglory against the Southern Cameroons is swiftly on the bane.May the soul of this innocent together with all the innocents who have been martyred for the sake of liberation of our motherland rest in peace.Retribution , Retribution, Retribution to La Republique.I thanks all the comrades above for the insightful comments which expose the machinations against the Southern Cameroon poeple. God bless our motherland. Legima Doh, ScNc,New York
Thank you Casara,Thank you Massamoyo,Thank you comrade Rexon,Thank you ScNc Switzerland,Thank you ScNc UK,Thank you ScNc home branch,Thank you the entire ScNc ,Thank you Grand Chief Ayamba Ette. The Post,how many times have I warned you to stop addressing the ScNc as a secessionist group?You want to go back to the basics about the ScNc and stop giving that misnomer. People of the Southern Cameroons must understand that there is a serious and dangerous conspirasy going on.La Republique is bent on annihilating all the financial,social, moral and intellectual infrastructures of our motherland.We must be on our alert,we must expose them, we must guard against their machinations and also improve on our time and effort on the liberation struggle.We must also expose any foreign governments that are advertently or inadvertently corroborating the works of the Biya regime.We must come down on them and expose them until Biya is left with no shadows to hide under.We must not fold our arms and only criticize the comrades but contribute constructive ideas to foster and strengthen the liberation movement.We must ask ourselve if October 1 were truly the day of bona fide reunification between East and West Cameroon why is it not celebrated to commemorate its grandeur as a momentous day in the epoc of the country?Why is it a day of deploying soldiers with the express intention to terrorize the Southern Cameroonians exclusively.Something is terribly wrong with this day to La Republique because while being independence day to the Southern Cameroons,it is day of colonization to La Republique.This is evident in the way they always react on that day contrary to the way Southern Cameroonians do.But they are now dancing to broken drums which makes it uninteresting.Their politics, their intrigues, their objectives have all been unravelled by the comrades of the ScNc.Their doom is nigh. God bless the Southern Cameroons, Legima Doh, ScNc,New York.
A fon aged 80 disappeared?Coded language or plain.The traditional observance in this case is counterproductive.Such should be debunked.Sympathy expression must sincerely come from the mind and not to be impossed.
A worst society is that made up of people who claim to be intellectual giants but suffer from a magnum of moral dwarfism.The kind of noxious exhalations from the quacks of the likes of unitedstatesofafica can be very venomous to the true nature of the struggle for liberation of our motherland.Legima Doh does not care about where you have been but one thing is clear that you have been in limbo for the past time as far as this forum is concerned.Whether it is you who is clamoring for asylum or not is not a matter of importance to us.There is this fact about our struggle that you cannot ever debug no matter how blatant and negative you grow against the ScNc.Persistence is a great sign of strength whether you want it or not.Negative attitude and inferiority comoplex as you possess are a great sign of weakness and cowardice.The stugggle is based on truth and legitimacy.This is where you come short of argument.You can come up with all sort of counter arguments and humors about the ScNc but you can never challenge the legitimacy of the struggle.You are so blind as not to be able to read between the lines.I made it rock water clear that the issue involving NOrthern Nigeria is to be considered cautiously and went forth to explain that as reason for the scepticism of HRH Ayamba Ette saying that you could not equate scepticism to confusion.You keep on wondering on when ScNc ever did her research.I know from the way you write, from the idiocy u express you must be totally lacking in the historical, legal and political aspects and aspirations of the Southern Cameroons.The Southern Cameroons has a good lot of researchers who have done meticulous findings on facts for the struggle.If you are a child of the Southern Cameroons, then the land laments you as an enigma.You have the support of those who make the most incongruous,weak and stupid contributions in this forum.Esono ,grandlexus are prototype examples here.Esono,you got nothing to offer to us here from that faint sounding talk about freedom.You must be out of touch with history and reality.Your talking about federalism in this context is intellectual and historical dishonesty and distortion.You are completely missing here and need to be found.Grandlexus,as a neophyte you still need to get proper indoctrination from usafrica.When u talk about defeat who are u refering to?Defeat in this forum from morons like you and ur chief usafrica?The frontier of the ScNc goes beyond the online world to the offline world.We are working in the schengen states , the UK and the US without relenting our efforts.Not the wishy washy empty talk from you people would bring an ebb to the struggle and our activism.The ScNc is growing from strength to strength,gaining the hearts of faithful loyals to the truth.Its a dream if you may call it so but yes dreamers's dream shape the world in pragmatism.I can become the king of England.Yes Obama can become the president of the United States of America. Peace to our motherland. Legima Doh, sCnC,New York
God bless all the southern cameroonians who stay aloof from the politics and intrigues of la republique du cameroun.
Haha,UnitedstatesofAfrica, You have come back again with your most macabre,moronic and short sighted vision for the Southern cameroons.I did not see any statement from your usual gibberish backing how the ScNc is a waste of time.You also would never be able to make sense from any ideology that is put in place to walk alongside the ScNc.I wonder how you can be able to equate scepticism to confusion.Prof Martin Chia is not a fool and of course is well more knowledgeable than the moron of your person.His idea about bring Southern cameroonians from northern parts of Nigeria cannot be condemned by the kind of baseless points of yours.All the wings point to the fact that the Southern Cameroons struggle for liberation is based on truth and legitimacy.The idea of bringing back Southern Cameroonians scattered abroad especially in the northern part of Nigeria cannot be a totally damnable idea.I acknowledge the fact that as HRH Ayamba said, savoir faire is needed for such an act but not the kind of nay saying from you. You are an absolute detraction, consumed by extreme phobia for the ScNc which leads to the expressing public idiocy whenever there is issue about the ScNc.We acknowledge your presence as a nuisance.Welcome back from hiding. Peace and God bless the Southern Cameroons, Legima Doh, ScNc-New York
Being a fon or a nchind is not really what defines respect.To me it is the ability to deliver productive help and innovations to people that calls for great respect and admiration.The fact that most the fons have stooped so low as to doing anything for their exclusive benefit and not that of their subject is a severe blow to their respect.People are weary of fons who are so self centred,egocentric and divisive in the political aspirations.To me a fon means nothing to me if he is dishonourable in his words and deeds.As I earlier said, man is constrained by the extent of their knowledge.Education is the greatest builder of knowledge.So there is no way I would want to listen from an impostor who is adamant to learning just because he is a so called fon or chief.I hold such people with great scorn cos they are a thorn in the flesh of the laymen who uncritically venerate them even in their damnable practices just because because of fear of some wanton traditions.I condemn such as illusive.In the Southern Cameroons we would have to get chiefs get some level of education to be eligible to lead their subjects if they must exist otherwise the chieftaincy stuff is even dwindling with time and if the chiefs are not wise enough to take proper measure pressure may rise with time that may lead to the extinction of their entities. God bless our motherland as we are left with a few true chiefs like chief Ayamba but with a handful of thiefs, polytical traitors, murderers in the name of chiefs. Legima Doh, ScNc
Thanks comrade Redflag. Nice comment there Mburlih.Actually what I mean about being an alien means being a foreigner.We understand that in propaganda the Southern cameroons is part of la republique and therefore Bakassi.But the fact is that this is supposed to be a distinct state.Even the so called federation was not to make the Southern cameroons an integral part of la republique.So with regard to la republique, the southern cameroons is a state ,different and distinct from la republique and as such is a foreign state and its people ie the southern cameroonians including the Bakassi people are aliens to la republique ie foreigners whose legitimate right to reinstate the sovereignty of the motherland that la republique stands on the way of.Truly the people of Bakassi has to stand together with other southern cameroonians to fight for the restoration of the state to which they truly belong as in fact they neither belong to Nigeria nor La Republique du cameroun. God bless the Southern Cameroons. Legima Doh, ScNc,Schenctady