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Life is Hard だけど HAPPY
Interests: SMAP, 嵐
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Ah ... just asked my friend and they are already sold out! Sorry! >
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2011 on Kokuritsu Pin Badges at 絶好調超!
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Jan 7, 2011
I have 3 Kokuritsu pin badges in blue and yellow for sale. Selling at S$12 or US$10, excluding postage. Interested buyers please email my friend at [email protected] for more information. Continue reading
Posted Dec 12, 2010 at 絶好調超!
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Nov 22, 2010
I see that we are objective fans when it comes to Manneuqin 5 XD Even though Ohno is my ichiban, he's usually too sloppy for my liking ... I think could be biased towards Aiba-chan instead XD Ohno's luck is amazing not to have gotten last for all the Mannequin 5 corners so far!
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2010 on Mannequin 5 at nimby's blog
Thanks for the report! Miss Arashi! :'(
> キッキマヨ Deniseさんも行けるように祈ってます!^^
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2010 on 行って本当によかった。 at 絶好調超!
> zekeshocks Thanks for reading, Maan! I'm embarrassed to even call it a report XD I wonder how the other fans do it! You're right! It's happiness I can't trade anything for :)
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2010 on 行って本当によかった。 at 絶好調超!
Please be! XD It definitely doesn't feel as homely here ... I'm missing Vox too! And I hope you get more rest soon!
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2010 on i promise... at The Theory of Flight
> aiLaMarie You must have been in Japan the week after me! I had quite a hard time getting my SMAP tickets too ... Tickets are always a headache! >< Let's not miss Arashi next year! :)
> Zai' Dayz' Didn't help that the yen was really expensive ... >< But it was one great crazy decision made! I'm really glad I went too :)
> hauntedcrew I still can't quite believe it myself too ... XD If there's ever a chance, you must watch them perform in Kokuritsu! :D Haha trust me I spazzed out and fell sideways towards my friend and we were screaming our heads off XD
> nimby It's really every Arashi fan's dream ... I hope you'll have a chance to watch them live too! :)
> karened Yup! Had only wanted to pop by to take a look at the prices XD You are talking about the Korean singer/actor right? I remember your entry about his concert ... I used to think that I can afford to wait since Arashi will hold a concert every year ... Now that I've been to one, I don't think I can bear the thought of missing any next time!
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Oct 4, 2010
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Oct 2, 2010
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Oct 2, 2010
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Oct 2, 2010
> karened LOL it's slightly easier to tell for Jun ne XD That aside, I'd feel like giving him a pat on his back for trying :D
> yuui1010 Don't get me wrong, I think it is definitely live ^^ Just pleasantly surprised how LIVE it sounded because I couldn't really tell sometimes from their other performances ... Actually I don't wish for them to sound exactly like the CD, it's the little imperfections that gets me :)
So ... how did it all happen? I had almost given u... Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2010 at 絶好調超!
> karened I have no doubts about it being live! XD I find it hard to tell if they're singing live for most of their performances so I was really surprised how good and LIVE they sounded this time for Dear Snow :)
I was surprised how LIVE they sounded! And I would say they were flawless! Being a sucker for live raw voices, of course I ripped it! :D For your listening pleasure until the single is released: Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2010 at 絶好調超!