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hahahaha! our food doesnt come from america, please, the food grown in the heart land goes to feed the livestock that will be senselessly slaughtered. the american farmer gets slighted just like the rest of us working for minimum wage. and if they stopped growing food to sell to the murderers, theyd eventually be able to go back to having regular farms, and people would get their food directly from them, instead of the farmer being the low man on to totem pole. but its all money for everyone, even the meek farmer. all in all, this issue has nothing to do with our food, or farmers. it has to do with people seeing life as dollar signs. and people in rural areas (not all, there are great people everywhere!) dont care about animals, this is how they know how to make money and thats what they want to keep doing. and btw MY food doesnt come from them, i dont take part in the cruelty trade, and i buy my produce locally.
no gonna like, i kinda like the CGC speculation in Omaha, its promoting responsible ownership. its not hard to do if you actually care about having a good dog.
take a bigger part and go vegan Paris! chickens and piggies are no different than your little puppies at home! <3
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Apr 15, 2010
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