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This side of the rainbow.
An incurable dreamer who's painfully ordinary.
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what my days are filled with. Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2011 at Buses and Poems
Iron Man came to dinner tonight. Have you ever cooked for a superhero? I've never experienced culinary stress of this magnitude before, he gave it a thumbs up. Maybe next time I'll get two thumbs up. Here's a few pointers for you just in case a superhero should show up for dinner. First, thank superhero for choosing your home. After all, the world is his oyster when it comes to rescuing and protecting. You'd be a fool to deny him a spot at your table. Who's going to stomp on ants on the front porch and scare off small meddling... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2011 at Buses and Poems
. . . . and hello new beginnings, right? I love the promise and hope that a new year brings. Some resolutions for the coming year are: Excersise more Read with my kids Call my dad more often Organize the garage Blog more Be in more photos, for posterity Commit to Project 365 Sneak more photos of my camera shy mother Save $$$$ Take my photo skills to the next level 2011, let's be friends. Let's hold hands and sing and laugh. If we have to cry, that's ok too. Let's take vacations together and enjoy the moments---the loud ones... Continue reading
Posted Jan 1, 2011 at Buses and Poems
Dear Mom, I had to cut a tomato yesterday. You would have been disappointed at the mess I made of it. Halfway through I remembered it wasn't for burgers but for nachos. Poor tomato, it was chuncky and mushy. Kinda like my potatoes, it was rough. I'm afraid I've brought shame to your name. I'm sorry. I promised everyone involved that I wouldn't try that again, until of course, you can give me a lesson on cutting/slicing/dicing tomatoes. Hurry home so you can have your kitchen back and I can go back to sipping iced water and picking my toe... Continue reading
Posted Dec 17, 2010 at Buses and Poems
The Star. Unfortunately we don't find the star on too many trees today. We have seven trees in our home and not one has a star on top. My mom's choice of topper for our family tree growing up was a star. A blue one. In fact it's the only one I remember ever seeing on our tree. I wonder what happened that that little blue star. Anywho, I wondered as I prepared for todays ADVENTure if the Punks would register the star with Christmas. I mean Punkgirl is only 9 and Punkboy is just barely 5. There's still alot... Continue reading
Posted Dec 9, 2010 at Buses and Poems
So I had another birthday today. Wonder when I will start to feel 36. Hmmm. Some things I want to remember about today: my punks really do look forward to their parents having birthdays homemade gifts take on a whole new meaning when they come from your punks it's ok to eat more that the allowable daily sugar intake on your birthday Some things I am thankful for on this birthday: all the birthday wishes on facebook, just blew my mind, completely that my husband was able to spend it with me that Jesus still loves me more than I'll... Continue reading
Posted Dec 8, 2010 at Buses and Poems
crying happy tears for Coley. "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him."---Prepared to be amazed, Coley. Blessing on you and your family Karen, and thank you for sharing such a personal moment we us.
miss you, but wow, annie has some crazy mad coloring skills--happy labor wknd
We at Buses and Poems have compiled a Summer Bucket List for 2010. You know, things we want to do before the summer is over. We just haven't decided if by "summer" we mean, before school starts, or the calender end of summer. Either way, we're going to enjoy the summer with alot of good stuff. We can scratch off, playing in the sprinklers. Simple but fun. Punkboy always enjoys a good "tush" washing, and doesn't mind if the neighbors are watching. Our yellow grass is really annoying me, but at least it's mine. I wonder how that feels, if... Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2010 at Buses and Poems
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Mar 15, 2010
good for you kim. you CAN do this. stay strong and focused. be proud of your hard work. bless you
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my dear, you are far from a crappy blog--in fact your the first blog on my favorites--thank you so much for sharing pieces of your fabulous life--it encourages
she definetly smiles down on you-glad you had a great md
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