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@ Don, cm, and the Robert Cline guy from Elliot's blog, and the rest of the .CO posse: Please stop. Your posts are bordering on proselytizing, and it's giving .CO a bad name. Domainers can smell fear, and you're giving off "desperation vibes," as if the success of .CO is the most important thing in your life. If so, you need to get out more. While some of the arguments on the other side (for .CO's imminent failure) are equally as biased and unfounded, the cheerleader stuff gets old. You're entitled to your opinions, but you're defending an extension that's barely 6 months old. If you bought in and are so desperate to have it succeed in the next year that your life depends on it, you didn't make a wise investment. If you'd really like to put your time to good use, start developing some sites (and if you've already done that, make some more). Start contacting and educating end users, and getting a feel for whether .CO makes any sense to them or not. In short, SHOW the haters (with actions, not words) that they're wrong. Because the more you repeat the same thing time and time again, the less meaning it carries. The most vocal of a group are not necessarily the most well-informed. And frankly, I think .CO could use better ambassadors. P.S.: This is spoken as someone who invested in .CO and has two names in Sedo's auction.
Great post - I love the fact that you mentioned Dale Carnegie's book, which is a classic. These are great pointers to keep in mind.
Great post, and incredibly timely for me. Yesterday I reached out to several people with more experience negotiating (several of whom are on this list), because the marketing director of a European travel firm contacted me about a package of 35 .DE names. There was one name in particular they singled out, but then he asked how much I'd want for the whole package. The advice I got ranged from "shoot for the moon" to naming a medium-sized round number. In the end, I replied with a reasonable price for the one domain, quoted several recent ccTLD sales of similar names that were higher than my asking price, and said I'd be willing to sell the whole shebang for fair market value, and that they should make me an offer. However, given Acro's comment and Rick's post, I think my response should have been, "I'm not willing to sell the entire list, except for a fantastic offer." Or maybe just "no." Perhaps poker lessons are in order.
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Sep 25, 2010