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Mmm, that beautiful sushi dish and chopstick rest... The ceramics are truly lovely, of course, but the quality of the photographs really does underline the importance of presentation, doesn't it? Great find!
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Tasty synchronicity! I hadn't heard a thing about Red Velvet Cake for years and years, and then my friend invited me for dinner last month and served it for dessert. I meant to get the recipe... and here it is, thanks to you!
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2007 on Red Velvet Heaven at Sass & Veracity
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I really enjoyed reading this interview - your voice is delightful! How grand, too, that you were brave enough to segue from "straight" commercial writing to erotica without succumbing to a pseudonym. And you are so right, that writing is one of the few places in the world where we are judged solely on the basis of what we create, not how we were created - I hadn't ever articulated that before, even in my own brain, but it's certainly an unwritten bonus to the job. Women have enough of being judged on externals, just hauling out to the grocery store. But enough babbling... So glad I found your blog. Count me as a fan.
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