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Pretty lean on new streaming again...
Slim instant watch.
War of the Arrows is the first instant watch of a recent film that I have been wanting to see. Finally.
Eww. Come on netflix. You got me down to streaming and I haven't seen much good content added in months... Starting to question subscribing anymore. =/
So if I am just paying comcast for internet and not expensive cable / premium stations... How does this effect me? I pay $7.99 for netflix because I can watch shows and movies at a reasonable rate when I want. I don't want to pay another $50 dollars for premium stations and be able to watch them on my computer too. If this is bundled with internet at no cost to the customer then great. Otherwise I won't upgrade as I am already cutting my bills down.
These instant watch... I don't even....
Yea, no.... I don't think Netflix would pick up Terra Nova.
yes... The upcoming movies to be added are very very disappointing. Wow.
The people here thinking that expressing disappointment with Netflix acquiring new rights to shows for streaming... You don't think the subscribers can impact the company with their threats? The complaints on twitter and the netflix blog? Stop and go look at their stock right now. It is $80. I think people are making their point to netflix and it shows. Netflix needs to get their act together pronto.
No, no thanks. Read up on the bill and you'll see why. Also, Facebook seems great but in reality there is alot of shady stuff being passed around behind the seens while you merrily chat with friends.
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Sep 23, 2011