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Another 'don't get to choose' circumstance that may be relevant is in improv theater. 'Never refuse an offer' is one of the principles of improv, so fully engaged in improv, whatever your stage partners make up, you take it and go forward. If it's someone running up to you and saying, 'aliens have just landed,' it doesn't move the improv forward to deny or correct the offer. Day to day, we refuse offers all the time. But maybe doing improv with God, God just keeps making the next offer, whether we've taken the one before or not. God makes an offer - an opportunity, an invitation, even something that moves or excites me, and maybe I want to say, 'no, not now, not this way, etc.' Maybe God makes the same offer again. Maybe another offer. No stop. And then? Are we getting to choose or not? The 'not' part is that infinite love, infinite compassion, infinite patience may feel like a streamroller. Your call certainly does make sense - now and in this just right context. donald
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2010 on On Choices or the Lack Thereof at Sit and Eat
Emily, I'd been thinking about God and choice and trusting that something bigger and loving wills our good and how that seems to interfere with our choices. And I had a corny moment of thinking of the film Groundhog Day. The news jerk, Bill Murray's character, is in a kind of purgatory of facing the same choice over and over and over. And he freely engages it in almost every possible way. And ultimately he decides on his own to move toward kinds of compassion that he would have scorned as he was. But he gets there freely. Might it give us a hint of Infinite Compassion meeting willful freedom again...and again...and freedom finds it way to saying 'yes'?
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2010 on On Choices or the Lack Thereof at Sit and Eat
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Jan 15, 2010