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Kudos to Hon. Ayah. I see him as an opposition to the current regime. He is guided by some strong internal principles and his cry for the down-trodden is genuine. The only difference is his approach and tactics. While the SDF and other parties have decided to stand outside the fence and be throwing stones to the corrugated iron roof of the CPDM house, he has decided to disguise as a CPDM member, thus, granting him access to the house. He is right inside the house fighting while others are outside still throwing stones. May be more should adopt his tactics to neutralize the internal powers that be in the CPDM. The SDF and others cannot fight the enemy from outside because all the stones thrown will get back to them. Parley with the CPDM, get into the house and oppose them, neutralize them and weaken them. Imagine the commotion caused by AYAH alone. I see this as a stronger approach. what will the scenario be if there are 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 and more, the likes of Hon. AYAH in the CPDM!!! The story will be different and the CPDM will crumble in no time. The following will emanate - - Corruption scandals, internal bribery offers to seal their lips will be exposed. - Disorganized annual conventions - Information leakage and exposure of all criminal antics - and more. Just a hasty contribution.
US of Africa, I really can understand why the Post will censor your comments. Personally, I feel disgusted when I read a comment from you. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech but just emptiness on your part. I think you look more handsome as you grow older and probably will be most handsome man on earth when you are 100 (God Permit). You have the audacity to insult a Fon. I think the post should even delete your account and subsequent accounts because you can be easily identifiable by the content of your comments. I know you will come out blazing with emptiness after reading this. Let me assure you that it is not worth the while because I don't take you serous. You still need quite some time to catch up. And that is if all others are stagnant waiting for you.
Do not Judge and you will not be Judged. But if I were to Judge, then hell is a lesser punishment for Paul Biya, taking into consideration only the last quarter of his life. Like some one said, if only he could repair only a faction of the damages he caused, Cameroonians will much happier. Cameroonians don't really ask for too much, do we? The basic necessities of life are a big distraction for people to carry on with their daily activities. Why can Mr. Paul, After 20 years in charge, with the mandate, refuse to grant Cameroonians these basic necessities. If he truly confesses to the Pope, should the Pope honor his invitation, only then will the Pope discover how incapacitated he is to absolve sins of the magnitude. Paul's sins are too grave for a foreigner to absolve. The Millions of people he offended, tortured , dehumanized, sacrificed, ate, cheated, enslaved, deprived, deceived, killed would have to team up and pray to God to forgive him. As soft hearted as we are, we are ready to forgive him only on one small condition. Give us the basic necessities of life.
Mr. Andre Fokam!!! I am a Roman catholic with so much respect for the pope. Like u rightly said, the pope is needed in war torn areas were people are suffering. I agree no problem. The simple issue is that his coming to Cameroon is in honor of Mr. Biya's invitation. This means that the office of the papacy did not identify Cameroon as a politically war torn zone, where people have been dehumanized and treated as pigs. The pope cannot claim ignorance of the Rev. Sisters that were killed after Paul Biya murdered his wife Irene way back. I cannot count the number of priest and bishops in Cameroon that have children. Let’s not be blinded by Catholic Church. I wouldn't be surprised if Biya Jr. is taking First Holy communion and Biya wants the Pope to bless him. It was Pope John Paul that baptized him, so Pope Benedict should give him first Holy Communion. If Biya had his way, the next pope will bless Brenda Biya's Marriage. Let’s stop deceiving our selves. This visit is politically motivated.
Bravoooo Mr. Kenneth!!! You couldn't have said it better. I stood up after reading your piece. I had the feeling of hope for counry headed by a hopeless regime. The regime is headed by the most man ever created. Paul Biya was created by God to test the patience and endurance of Cameroonians in times of hardship. Just like what happened to Job in the bible. Cameroon is very close to better days after Paul Biya is gone - Very soon.
What a weak, helpless and vulnerable country that spends billions of CFA on ammunitions to fight armless civilians. I have been very curious to find out how the Cameroonian government will salvage this huge embarrassment (sheep in wolf cloth). The sovereign territory of a country have been trespassed countless times by armed hoodlums and the government has taken no measures to tighten its shores and borders. I wouldn't be surprised if innocent civilians or fishermen have been arrested and branded pirates just to restore confidence. One day pirates will come from the high sea and take over the blood shrine at etoudi. Hear them: "We had been alerted that there would be an operation in the town and so we were on the watch out.” The first attack you were not alerted. It is the second that pirates will go to the post to official announce their second coming. A whole country full of deceit and open lies telling. This Country makes me sick. I pray God to give the kind or revolution that Jerry did in Ghana. – Wipe out all these people let start back from independence.
It is really a shame when a series of comments from some forumites, day-in day-out, from news headline to news headline cannot be identified with any thought pattern or maturity in analytical thinking. Credibility cannot be established when we resolve to using abusive words instead of airing our views and putting up superior arguments to back-up.
"We are clearly not on the same level. Come back in five years." USA, What Level are you? And how long did it take you to get there? From 10,000 fit, I know the personalities that can make such callous statements and that says quite much about you. That gospel truth is too bitter for any black man to even wave it a thought. Talk less of shallow mind. I don't expect you to respond.
US of Africa, I really admire your compassionate love for the black skin and the reflection you see in black women. But this has totally blindsided you from the fundamental concept underlining marriage. Don't be surprise that the African culture you seem to proliferate is much cherished by the white man. Can you really explain to me why a black man will connive, steal the most valuable sculpture in whole of Bikom land (Afua-Kom) and sell to a white man?. Most of the teachings of how to cherish and preserve the African culture were thought to us by whites. In almost all art exhibitions I have been to, the paintings and works of art portraying African culture are highly valued by whites. (Diamond ring in a pig’s nose). Back to the issue of marriage, it is but normal for every black to cherish and be proud of the black skin and to see a reflection in a black woman. But the whole concept and principles underlining the search for a soul-mate has nothing to do with the colour of the skin. It is often said, for a 50 year engagement between a man and a woman, it is better to spend 40 years searching for the right soul-mate and live happily for 10 years than to spend 10 years searching for a soul-mate and live unhappily for 40 years. That's if you survive the 40 years. No amount of love for the black skin will make me prefer the latter to the former. Circumstances in life warrant humans to ask for help, some times life saving, from others. This circumstances usually ignite chemistry and flow of affection between people, be them white or black or any permutation you so desire. USA, these life saving situations are not provided only by blacks. USA, while a still admire your love for the black skin, don't make the mistake of considering it to be a limiting factor for marital choices. Reason being, you may risk spending a chunk of your life in marital penury because of your love for the black skin. Just a Thought!!!
US of Africa, The abundance of black and literate women does not mean that a man must get married to a black woman. secondly, the love for Africa does not mean that you must get married to an African. You sound like the kind of person that can sit in Europe and tell your family to look for a wife in the village for you. The search for a soul-mate has nothing to do with race or colour of the skin but the circumstances and the chemistry that flows between people. The hidden insinuation behind this tragic story is really a cause for concern. And instead of pointing it out, we are busy pre-occupying our selves that he got married to a white woman. From the report, it is insinuated that the late Njie took Aids from Africa to Poland and infected polish women. If he is married to a polish woman and had two kids, then it presupposes that he didn't have aids before going to Poland. He must have contracted the virus from one of those polish women. He has lived his own part and May his soul rest in perfect peace.
The comment of the Day is from MOTAMBENAMA. It was eminent from his write-up that he is a South Westerner. He believes that other places MEME NDIAN,MANYU,KUPE MANEGUBA within the south west vicinity were being left out of these sweet deals and it is totally The mere thought that any of these promises will fulfilled before the second coming of Jesus Christ, beats my imagination. These punks are just good-for-nothing leaders. Is Inoni the prime minister of Cameroon or the prime minister of limbe and Buea? Jail awaits him with his involvement in the leaking air coffin(albatros) that almost brought his master to an already failed judgment before God. My heart bleeds for Cameroon.
I always visit this site to read comments. At times some of the comments leaves me very disturbed. Unnecessary harsh tones and unconstructive thinking. I believe in superior argument. No body made me an umpire but to be candid, USAfrica went totally off point. i quote: "The bottom line is that majority of SOuthern Cameroonians are not in support of your pressure group" This is not a statement fact at all. If you tell me that SCNC, to the best of your knowledge, has not done any thing substantial to be taken seruously by the international community, i might aggree with you to the best of my knowledge. With or without SCNC, deeply rooted in the minds of every southern Camerooning is the phrase "I feel cheated by this french people". If there is a connection between this phrase and the objective of SCNC is strictly at the riewers discretion. It can be any organisation, but when the motive runs in parallel with the motive of Governance in Cameroon with no nexus or commonality, then it presupposes that there is a problem. Even though majority can put you on top, the rest of your days on top will still be disturbed by that one man who did not share ur opinion or view. If you dont go back to make him see reason, he will become one rotten yam in the bag. Second Quote from USAfrica: "I give the SCNC 1,000 more years before they can even get close to their "goals". This shows an iota of hope no matter how persimistic you may sound. If SCNC needs a thousand years to come closer to their goals, it means u acknowledge that there is a goal clearly stated some where, be it insinuation. That time-lag might just be shorten by regime change, who knows. Let the superior argument carry the day. If u dont have the capacity or time to draft a set piece which will clearly show superiority in your line of thinking, i site Fongang, then you can still be welcomed as a ready. When u call somebody a goat, he will be tempted to call you a cow. at the end this forum will become an animal farm.
Ni is just like morgan Nsangarai of Zimbabwe. Fighting a monster who has the forces of low and order on his belt with no arms. Lets not forget incubency. Paul Biya was a lad under Ahidjo. So we cannot blame Ni John. How many cameroonians have the audacity to stay in cameroon and talk face-to-face with Mr. Paul Like Ni? Lets just be realistic for once and give this man some credit. The man in power can even use political machinery backed by finances to divide and rule SDF. The day calamity is comming and that is the transition process.