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ha! hhhhhhaaaaahahaaaaaa!
Toggle Commented May 28, 2011 on Dude alert! at Astral Boutique's blog
ZA-ZA-ZAZOU! :) Loving the new ideas! xx
Toggle Commented May 13, 2010 on By Request at Astral Boutique's blog
I love that this post is like a manifesto of things to come! It's such a positive statement you're making for all of us creative folk. I really like your location blogging too, like the shoots at Bridgewater and Empire State Mine. Local flavour is such a great part of Etsy! Yay to you and the newly free State of Sasha! xx
I know how you feel! I felt like I was missing something until I happened upon a job in fashion in London. All I really learned during my years there was that it's highly creative, tapped in and inspired minds that inform the design and photography, and everything after that- runway shows and retail included, are the fantasy crashing to earth, desperately buoyed up by a massive price tag. With vintage I find that the simple fact that the garment had a life before you found it keeps the fantasy alive. What I find really interesting are the particular eras the zeitgeist highlights as inspiration, where vintage meets contemporary fashion.. the mind boggles!
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Feb 8, 2010