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Don Harrison
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No doubt and I definitely agree. I never said my plan was perfect. hahaha However, I'm sure there's a way to cross platform and create a rewarding experience for both bands and fans.
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I agree with Michael & Padma. Bands need their own website, using social networks for support, to funnel traffic to the site! Hell, for the price I've seen some artists spend for a custom Facebook landing page, I can practically design a pretty bad ass site for them. Don't get me started with the ones who have paid $250 - $300 for a custom Myspace layout. I'll design your site and host it for that! On another note, far-fetched and drastic, as it may seem - I suggest Facebook purchase Myspace. Create Facebook Music, kick all the bands off Facebook and all the personal profiles off Myspace. Two separate, but connected entities. Just an idea. I'll head it up for them. hahaha
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Jan 14, 2011