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There is another alternative to cash or subsidies - lower premiums due to increased deductibles. 3 people and I have been working with Mlliman, an actarial firm, for several months. Next week, we should be receiving materials we will show to interested life insurers, who will consider forming a 501(C)(4) health insurance subsidiary. With the premium savings on health insurance, the opportunity is available for more discretionary income spent on their life insurance products. How much savings is available off of low deductible plans? A $25,000 deductible reduces premiums by 60%. A $50,000 deductible reduces premiums by 80%. Yes, but how does a family come up with $25,000-$50,000 in savings? For $300 a month, $25,000 in medical benefits can build over 36 months - and these benefits are paid-up. Like receiving a subsidy or voucher for 60% of the cost, the low claims participant has accrued his own subsidy with his own dollars - at an affordable cost of $300 per month. Don Levit
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I got out of the stock market completely ar the end of last month. I am investing in 5 annuities, all fixed indexed annuities. The index they are tied to is the S&P. If the S&P goes up on my anniversary date, I capture part of the gain. If it goes down, I lose nothing, and start from a lower base in which to more likely capture gains. I am guaranteed a 3% return. Over the last 10 years, these annuities have outperformed the actual S&P index by about 35%! Great products, particularly for a volatile market. Don Levit
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2011 on DOTE Open Thread at Decline of the Empire
I pulled out of the stock market in one full swoop at the end of July. My reasoning is that the stock market does not represent the buy and hold, long-term sustainable attitude it used to have. Now, we see ups and downs in the market based on a few words Bernanke may have said, the economic situation in France, or even if low interest rates will be maintained. The stock market is also controlled by the few. Something like 10% of the households own 80-90% of the stock. In short, the stock market is for the elites who think short-term. Regarding politics and money, Mark Hannah, senator of Utah stated in 1895: The most important thing in politics is money. The second most important thing... I can't remember. Don Levit
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Aug 11, 2011