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This is another example of how ignorant and arrogant native speakers try to play “language teachers” with bad English and silly misconceptions. You make the job of learning English unnecessarily difficult for new learners with your barrage of misinformation. First, there is no such thing as “British English”,” Canadian English”, “Australian English” or any other dialect that is described as the whole language. There are different ways of speaking and spelling English words within the boundaries of the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. People in those countries can often tell where someone is from by the way they speak and they may be fellow American, Canadians, Australians, etc. There are about 25 major dialects in England alone. Variations in pronunciation, spelling and other usage vary from one region to the other and are NOT limited to a national boundary. Every state in the United States has enough distinction in their pronunciation to allow others to identify them. While “English is English” is current truism, the fact is that NO TWO SPEAKERS have the same accent just as no two speakers speak exactly the same. We have ONE large language identified by the Oxford English Dictionary and other lexicons throughout the English speaking countries. All of them identify various spellings and pronunciation but ALL are within the general lexicon of the language. Merriam Webster Collegiate derives many of its definitions and most of its etymologies from the Oxford English Dictionary. It is an empty, pointless discussion which should be centered on good sentence formation and larger vocabularies for those who want to be better educated and better speakers. Most of the world is learning English as quickly as possible. It is a huge language and describes almost everything that we can see, hear or imagine. Those of us who are native speakers should consider the benefits of having our language become the world’s lingua franca and give us the ability to speak to people wherever we travel or wherever we meet other people.
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Oct 22, 2010