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A Facebook friend living in Connecticut, has zero point no interest in racing, but she does have a four year old son. They loved the movie. There's your audience.
Put in perspective, the 254,000 viewers for Iowa, at best, barely equals the paid gate admissions for the Indianapolis 500. Sadly, the owners, drivers and Randy, rather than attracting new fans are now starting to push away the few remaining loyal fans they have through their petty bitching and nonsense.
Like you, I'm interested in ratings too. In my case, it's an occupational hazard of the day job. What is becoming tiresome is the excuse making within the larger IndyCar community - “We were up against (insert random whatever).” Or in the case of Long Beach, “We weren’t up against (insert random whatever)". With 536 channels on our cable/satellite lineups, there is ALWAYS “something else on”. Remember too, NASCAR and golf and hockey and all the other stuff IndyCar is “up against” are “up against” the same and other programming. They attain higher ratings because more people want to watch THEIR show than want to watch OTHER shows. If an 0.1 jump in household ratings by not being against NASCAR is the best IndyCar can do, they have a lot bigger and worse problems than what they are programmed against.
I'll keep asking this question till I finally get an answer. Why does Brian Barnhart continue to have a job?
If Randy's answers to these two questions are true, what the F was Tony George thinking? R: These figures that have been bandied about – that Versus pays IndyCar $5m per year for its 12 races – are they true? RB: No, that's not true, and I don't know where all that came from. It's actually a very complicated deal, something that I'm not going to explain over the phone on such a poor connection! But it's much more of a co-promotion and co-ownership deal, with some revenue-sharing. R: OK, but are IMS Productions' costs covered by this deal? RB: Er…no! I think it's fair to say that right now, our television deal is a very expensive proposition.
Makes me proud to be a Floridian. Five of the eleven are from Florida, four of them want to be, and one is going to be our next Senator. We're kinda screwed.
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I have a hard time trusting Mr. Greene. He used to be a Republican, he's linked to shortselling in the real estate meltdown. Unfortunately, the Senate race is now a choice between 3 Republicans in varying degrees of Teabaggery.
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You are correct. As easy as it is to erupt on Twitter and light up the #ParkMilka tag, BB needs to publish a standard (107% is a workable and reasonable figure), set a date to begin enforcement, and enforce it unquestionably. While I do not like to inject politics, particularly international politics, into racing, you are also on the mark that EJ Viso is sponsored by the same Hugo Chavez who sponsors Milka. Losing the PDVSA funding would be a serious blow to KV racing as I privately opine that money is funding more than just EJ's run with that team given the number of broken racecars they have had this season.
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I've seen the pics, I've read the specs, I've watched the video just to see if there was overtaking in this car. I'm going to sum up my thoughts to Messers Bowlby and Ganassi with a line from the movie "Hoosiers". "I'm trying hard to believe you know what you're doing." - Principal Cletus to Norman Dale at the first game.
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It spins your head around backwards. I buy advertising media for my day job and I assure you a 2.3 on any cable network gets my attention fast. As a buyer of media time, I wouldn't give Versus 0.2 - 0.4 a second look unless I had a really niche demo and possibly not then unless I had a lunatic budget which I seldom do.
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Feb 9, 2010